Do you read the ingredients list on your food packaging, or

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I'm noticing a trend in food journals; many people are reaching for lots of low cal food options (100 calorie snack-pack cookies, pre-packaged cereal bars, etc.), but don't seem to care about what's IN the food.

Just curious....Do you mostly care about the nutritional value of your food, or are you looking at the ingredients list as well? Do you understand what *most* of the ingredients are that you're eating?


  • dayzeerock
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    Calories are calories, but I'm not gonna load up on crap food with no nutritional value just because it's low-cal. I'm all about the nutritional content of my food.
  • cptino
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    I look for all around goodness which includes calories, fat, protein, and ingredients. I try and avoid HFCS and foods that have too many ingredients that I can't identify or say the name (LOL!).
  • cjbnc
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    100 calorie packs are a good way to get junk food in a nicely limited portion. They are not the staple in my diet, nor do I pretend they are anything other than junk. Good for cravings without falling off the wagon.
  • hummzz
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    I use to be one of those people. I was on the hunt for low sodium foods and spent almost 3 hours in the store reading all the labels of things I bought. I found that typically items that claim low cal/fat are typically higher in sodium! I've opted to take the hit on the calories and have lower sodium on most items because I can work off the cals and not the sodium.
  • MeganMac17
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    I ALMOST always look at what's on the ingredient list of the foods. I'm really trying to clean up my diet and find foods that are all natural or organic, so what's actually in food is really important to me!

    That said, I'm not perfect!
  • RDH0513
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    Definitely try to cut anything that has more than a few ingredients. I do Sometimes have low cal salad dressing, and I am guilty of some frozen chicken, but other than that, natural is best!
  • helthymom6
    I am going to all homemade things. I even make my own barbeque sauce now. Looking to make my own salald dressings as well.
  • redhead91
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    I pay attention to everything in my food. I'm not gonna eat some 100 calorie pack if it's got 30 carbs in it. I pay attention to carbs, protein, fat, sugar and ingredients. I really try and stay away from anything with aspartame or high fructose corn syrup. Getting healthy is about making good choices for life, not just cutting calories. That's how people gain weight back. They don't learn anything.
  • ZebraHead
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    I don't eat a lot of 'packaged' foods.

    I look at things like sodium, sugar, carbs, and calories though I don't let them rule me...
  • angelarozmyn
    Not only do I look at ingredients, but I also look at where the food was shipped from. Living in Washington State, I don't want to be buying food from across the world, or even cross country if I can help it :)
  • e1lindsay
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    i have noticed that eating "healthy' pre-packaged food, especially ones that promise to be lo-cal or lo-fat are super high in sodium...i had a salad w/toppings, light dressing and a morningstar black bean burger for calories were less than 300, but my sodium for that meal was over 1,000!!! i won't do that again! i am CONSTANTLY eating too much sodium!
  • modernmom70
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    I pay attention to everything I put in mine and my families bodies! I generally don't buy packaged food, and if I do ingredients matter. I will not buy anything with any chemicals, hfcs, hydro oils or any ingredient I can't pronounce. Whole food all the way. All calories are not created equal. If something has some sort of health claim on it it is junk and not food really just something resembling food.
  • MyNameIsNotBob
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    Yes, I read the ingredients, and try to keep foods that are as natural and whole as possible. But I also need some convenience in my life... and sometimes convenience wins, which is why I'll end up eating a Lean Cuisine for dinner a couple times a week. I figure, even with the sodium and yucky ingredients, I'm still getting 2 servings of veggies and some lean protein, and staying within my calories. It's not an everyday thing, but sometimes it just fits into my life.

    I also eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, fresh fish, organic dairy, nuts, and other good, whole, foods. But I've got my crutches / vices, just like anyone else. And I hope I don't get judged for the choices I make.
  • Bridgetc140
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    I read everything I do buy that comes packaged such as bread, cereal etc. I avoid HFCS and hydrogenated oils, MSG etc. I have found a few brands of bread that I really love, but are 100-110 per slice. They're huge, delicious and healthy though and it's no thing to cut one slice in half to make two slices for a sandwich. I cook our meals from scratch, but do have cereal/oatmeal and whatnot for breakfast often though. I love to have quaker oatmeal non-instant sodium or sugar...drop in a banana....yum. Some people however, don't have the time or luxury to make everything from scratch and eat as healthy as possible. Also you mustn't forget that organic foods and fresh produce/vegetables can be very expensive if you don't have a local farmer's market.
  • melsinct
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    I read every label and don't buy any product where I am unsure about an ingredient. I have done this for years. I am not a fanatic: I will eat out at restaurants or friend's houses and not worry about what I am being served. However, if I am purchasing it, I know the ingredients.

    By being "The Ingredient Police" I have done my body a favor. I follow the Michael Pollan rule of "Eat all of the junk food you want, as long as you cook it yourself." If I want a sweet or dessert, I will make cookies or cake from scratch. There are no packages of dried cookies lurking in my kitchen. If I want french fries, I am frying them up myself. It certainly will make you eat less fries than ripping open a bag of frozen stuff.
  • biblebanger
    I DO read the ingredients list and I even like to be able to pronounce what it says!
  • RMinVA
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    I have my moments, like this past weekend, but for the most part, I'm all about nutrient density and the quality of my cals. I have a few "convenience" foods, but I make as much as I can from scratch and try to make whole foods the cornerstone of my diet.
  • Jennyzfit
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    I always read the labels. Noticed that i'm better at making foods at home than buying the pre-processed foods. Noticed that weight watchers foods are high in sodium so I avoid those too.
  • becca0211
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    I don't eat a lot of packaged food, so when I do I mainly focus on the sodium, calories and fat. I think if I ate more packages stuff I would have to pay more attention to the ingredients.
  • Rinny_D
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    I pretty much always check out the nutritional content of my foods, making sure they are low on fat and seeing what other micro nutrients they contain, the more micro nutrients (vitamins, minerals etc) they have the more likely I am to buy.

    I don't usually check for sodium/sugar unless I am comparing products to decide which to buy, but some foods you know are high on sodium, sugar and/or fat anyway like chips so I will usually opt for the better one, nutritionally.

    Occasionally it does come down to the less calories over all, (like in rolls or chips or sweets) as a treat is often just a treat so if I can have a treat and have the one with the least calories I will be happy (ie cherry rip vs. Crunchie Bar)