Join Me - goal is to lose 50lbs - 31yrs old - weigh 225

hi all, i just discovered the myfitnesspal app for my iphone.... i have been counting calories every single day since... id like some others with similar goals as me (lose 50 lbs) to join me!!! i see an option on my phone where i can add people by their screen name.... mine is kimmy6779, i'd love to have some weight loss buddies!!!


  • I'm down for that as well! Mine is tracyklamo =)
  • jcreedy
    jcreedy Posts: 15
    I just sent you a request! I am 32 years old and trying to lose about 50 pounds, too. I have lost 16 so far, but still have a ways to go. My starting weight was 234, so we are pretty close in our "stats." :) I need all the help and motivating I can get!