What do you say to the "go on, one won't hurt you" brigage?

On a recent thread (link below) several members posted their replies when people try to push unwanted and unsuitable food onto you.

I usually simply say "No thanks, I'm not hungry" and change the subject, but that thread got me wondering how other people handle it - I'd love to hear what other people say in that situation. What I'd love to say is "No thanks, I could end up looking like you" but obviously I'm too nice! :smile:



  • bunnysone
    bunnysone Posts: 486 Member
    I would say "you're right, one won't hurt me. But I understand my body and my cravings and I know that more than one is what I will probably eat, so no thank you".

    Be honest, give an explanation and show them that you are in control.

    Being in control is one of the keys :)
  • KatyE213
    KatyE213 Posts: 446 Member
    Haha love it! :laugh:
  • spcopps
    spcopps Posts: 283
    I agree with bunny..I ususally say "yes, if ONLY I could have just one" and laugh it off..
  • Delicate
    Delicate Posts: 625 Member
    the 'No im not hungry'

    or 'I dont want to eat that'

    rofl thats mean
  • losermomof3
    losermomof3 Posts: 386 Member
    im allergic :) works every time :D
  • TourThePast
    TourThePast Posts: 1,753 Member
    Bunnysone - love it! :)
  • lindak71
    lindak71 Posts: 92 Member
    Yeah, I think I'll use "I'm allergic. When I eat that I gain weight."
  • luv2ash
    luv2ash Posts: 1,903 Member
    "It might not hurt me today, but it'll hurt me in the future when I have to give myself insulin 3 times a day, or pop countless pills to keep my weight-induced illnesses at bay....."
  • melizerd
    melizerd Posts: 870 Member
    Please don't use the allergic answer because it really is hard enough for peope with allergies.

    I simply tell people no thanks. I didn't tell people I was "on a diet" or anything so no one noticed right away. By the time they did I knew what and when it was okay for me to have one of, or blow a whole day even.

    If no thank you isn't enough just tell people you've changed your lifestyle and avoid those foods now.
  • Ben2118
    Ben2118 Posts: 571 Member
    My three:

    White Lie - "No thanks, already had too much bad stuff today!!", will make the other party feel relaxed as they think you have already sinned and they will ease the pressure :wink:

    Polite - "Thank you, I love them...but unfortunately they don't love me so I will have to pass...", they will think you mean you are allergic but what you actually mean is they don't love me...i.e. they make me fat! :wink:

    Blunt - "Do you know how many calories are in those!!....no thanks!"...sometimes you just gotta say it!
  • lisa35120
    lisa35120 Posts: 230 Member
    I have a problem with my boss always offering me food. She ALWAYS wants to feed me, and if I politely decline, she seems kind of offended. I usually find myself accepting what she offers me then eating only part of it, or working out harder at the end of the day to compensate.
  • OnionCookie
    OnionCookie Posts: 272 Member
    "True, one won't hurt me, but I don't want one." XD
  • FearAnLoathing
    FearAnLoathing Posts: 4,852 Member
    I seriously have never had this happen to me in social or home situations.Never once.So I guess im not sure what I would say.Probobly F**** Off
  • lotusfromthemud
    lotusfromthemud Posts: 5,335 Member
    I say "No thank you."

    If that doesn't work, I have found the following phrase to be extremely useful:

    "No thank you, it is very important for me to feel in control of what I eat."

    It usually gets a sort of blinking confused look, followed by silence.

    Bonus, it is also the absolute truth.
  • PJilly
    PJilly Posts: 21,712 Member
    I usually just say, "No thanks. I'd really rather not." It's hard to argue with someone who would rather not have one. And if they do, you don't really have to respond further.
  • bgeer34
    bgeer34 Posts: 135 Member
    I say "one might not hurt, but then again why take chances and obviously something made me fat"
  • janalayn
    janalayn Posts: 510 Member
    I usually say that it just doesn't look good enough to tempt me ... after all I live with a chef so they know I am kinda spoiled about food.
  • otrlynn
    otrlynn Posts: 273 Member
    "Thank you, but I find I can stick to my eating plan better if I avoid sweets (or french fries, or whatever), than try to eat just one."