Feeling like giving up on it all

Having a really low day. Not lost any weight this week, or fat % or inches. I know it varies, but I really needed to see progress. Feel like giving it all in and having a HUGE easter egg.

I've done really well, been to the gym regularly, measured my calories with HRM, eaten sensibly including a large chunk of my exercise calories, logged every morsel that passed my lips, had just a small chocolate egg (50g) yesterday, okay, I have had a bottle of wine over the last few days but I wanted a treat. I have also done heaps of exercise so I didn't go over my calories once. I've even taken up running!

Trouble is, I should be in Canada visiting my boyfriend, but he has a stupid STUPID fear of not making plans in advance. So flights went from under £300 to over £600. So now he's having a weekend away climbing and having a great time and I'm stuck here with another seven days of holidays to go and feeling really miserable. My friends are either away or doing things with their other halves. Yes I do have housework I can do. Whooppee.

Can't even exercise, which always brings my mood up, because my body really needs a day off. I HATE being on my own at the holidays, wish I was back at work.

Can anyone think of ANY reason at all that I should bother with all this? :(


  • crazymama2two
    becuase you've already lost a nice amount of weight
    because if you stop now you'll only be unhappier
    becuase you'll gain it all back
    because you will have to start alllll over again!

    im sorry youre having this moment. i dont understand the boyfriend thing. that's such a crazy crappy thing and it made me irritated for you. hang in there. you can't give up. cut the easter egg in quarters and eat one quarter and put the rest away. i bet you'll feel bad after that amount and won't eat anymore.

    i send you strength. this crap isnt easy at all but you can't give up. it'll be that much harder to start all over again.
  • SpaceMarkus
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    I can think of a reason. Because if you give up you'll never even have a CHANCE of getting anywhere. The only way you fail is if you STOP! So, why stop? You had a bad day, a bad week, whatever! Turn it around. It's Monday, start fresh. But just know that the only true failure is giving up.

    Besides, you're already on the road to a healthier life. If you stop now you'll just have to get back on sometime down your life. Just keep going!
  • KatyE213
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    Sorry you are having a bad day, but everybody has them and its how you deal with them that counts. Believe me I know how you feel, its not fun spending the hols alone while everyone else is coupled up and your other half is miles away!

    Can you not do some gentle exercise, go for a swim or a walk? You may not feel like it but it will make you feel better. Its a lovely day just to go outside and get some fresh air.

    Don't give up, you are doing this for YOU and you deserve it. Tomorrow is another day. Good luck x
  • Li_Willi
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    The reason you should "bother" with it is because your mood is temporary, but the end results you'll reap from all your work will last a LOT longer than this temporary funk you're in. We all have moods where we want to just quit, but you have to get your focus back & remember why you wanted to do all this in the first place. Just keep taking it one day at a time & try not to expect outstanding results right away. Things that are worth having usually take time to achieve.
  • Dawntodusk
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    Sorry you're feeling down. Try upping your protein and lowering your carbs. It really works!
  • skinnysoylatte
    I know it probably feels like you have nothing to look forward to right now, but you do. I was thinking this today, food is definitely a comfort to me, I love to eat, and especially to drink, not to get drunk but I love a nice glass of wine. When I have a chocolate bar and a bottle of wine to look forward to life feels great even if I am feeling stressed, but when I don't I feel a bit blah and I want to give up. Then I remember that I DO have something to look forward to, and that is my eventual weight loss, and all my clothes in my wardrobe that no longer fit that I will be able to wear again.

    This might not help at all, but thinking this helped me.
  • TourThePast
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    Thank you to everyone who responded to my cry for help. I feel less alone.
    Don't give up, you are doing this for YOU and you deserve it.
    Reading that, I just realised something.
    I haven't been doing this for me, I've been doing it for my boyfriend. My motivation has been that I want to be fit and slim and sexy for him - and it's so hard right now because right now, I don't think he does deserve the amount of effort I've been putting into changing my lifestyle.

    From now on, I'm doing it for me.

    And I DO deserve it, and that's not going to change.

    I'm still upset, after my workout yesterday I can't take any strenuous exercise today but I'm going to try and steel myself to stop crying and put some dark glasses on and go for a walk.
  • TourThePast
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    I did manage to go for a walk - in fact once I got to the end of the road, I felt less sore, and wanted to carry on, and ended up walking all the way to the supermarket. It's 5 miles round trip by road, but I cut across the fields and it was "only" 3.5 miles in total. Still pretty respectable though, and I burned over 500 calories!

    Only trouble was, I figured that as I was there, I may as well pick up a few groceries. Which I then had to lug all the way home again. Doh!

    Thank you again to everyone who replied, it really did help me through a real low point.
  • KatyE213
    KatyE213 Posts: 446 Member
    Glad to hear you could shake it off, and I hope i was a little bit of help to you. And good luck with the rest of your journey x