I hate my scale

So, I feel like I did such a good job last week with working out and eating right and "only" lost 2 pounds. My clothes are feeling better and I can start to see the results in my face and on my body, but that 2 pounds was crushing!!! Anyone else hate their scale?
BTW - I love this website and am so motivated by all that I read! :) Keep up the great work everyone!


  • jamie1888
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    2lbs in a week is great!!! Not sure what there is to be disappointed about! :noway:
  • I'd love my scale if it told me i lost 2 lbs. LOL... I'm lucky if i can get 1.
  • FaeFae
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    take your measurements!!! you may be losing inches!! Also get rid of the batteries....weigh yourself once a month! I am so obsessed with my scale!! i decided I wouldnt weigh myself till June 1st....good luck!!
  • kbeach08
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    I am with you on hating the scale!! But 2lbs is a good number plus your probably loosing inches instead of just lbs. So way to go!!! I haven't had a 2lb weight loss in a week yet I don't think. It is just slow going and I hate that!!! But just gotta keep on pushing.
  • bzmom
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    More than 2 lbs a week is not recommended so really you are doing GREAT!!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  • foxxybrown
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    Only "2" lbs is fabulous! I'll take it!
  • brendalyne
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    2 lbs is GREAT! I lost 1 pound last week, and a half pound the week before......I've seen this saying on MFP many times - It's a marathon, not a sprint! So celebrate the 2 pound loss and pat yourself on the back. That is GREAT!
  • brendansmom1
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    More than 2 lbs a week is not recommended so really you are doing GREAT!!!! Keep up the great work!!!

    Yeah, what she said!!

    WTG on the 2 pounds! I would be in love with mine if it said that. LOL
  • kpjman
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    I'm a weight-loss consultant, and 2lbs is AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work, you had lots of other positive statements in your post along with the 2lbs lost! Sometimes people have a weight loss pattern too. Mine is lose 2lbs this week, maintain next week; repeated over and over. GREAT JOB!!!
  • I hated my scale for a long time until I started the "Thin and Healthy" diet at my gym. They guarantee you to lose 2-7 lbs each week. I don't know if you have it locally but it has helped me so much. With having it locally they give you a menu for the week to go by and you weigh in 1-3 times a week and have to write down what all you are eating so they can coach you and give you advice on if you are doing it right or not. It is so wonderful to go in there for a weigh in and see that the scales are going down. I lost 2.5 lbs in my first couple of days and I'm not hungry. If you go to www.thinandhealthy.com there is a place on there to see if you have it locally, if not, there is the option to join online but I love the one on one coaching and the personal training. They set you up with a workout routine and everything. They really keep you motivated, might be something to check into. I am loving it so far and only been doing it for about 3 weeks now. I have lost a total of 11 lbs.
  • yumster70
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    Good job!! 2 lbs. a week is healthy!! Keep up the good job and don't hate your scale!! At least it didnt say you gained!! Remember, the scale never lies!!
  • natskedat
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    2 lbs. in a week is the MAX you want to lose! Losing any more than that isn't really healthy.

    And, I've got friend who is a body builder, and she's been prepping for show season for about 4 months. She has dropped 3 dress sizes but only lost 1 lb. Her clothes are fitting better and so she knows she's doing it right.

    Point of the story? You're doing it right. Great job!
  • singingmom
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    Hey girl! I feel the same some weeks too. If I miss a workout or something or eat bad one day I feel like well its just one day but then my weight loss sucks and I get discouraged. But I think once we get to our ideal weight having a cheat day or skipping a workout won't be so bad because if you are up or down 2-3 lbs when you are at your ideal weight its not a big deal. But while you are working so hard to lose and you have one discouraging week it can be much harder. Hope this makes sense!! And also weight watchers tells us that 1-2 lbs a week is healthy and good. :)
  • mosneakers
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    Just the pick-me-up I needed today - thanks everyone!!! I'm celebrating my 2lbs today! :)
  • anthony438
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    2 pounds less toady means you're doing better the the day before. Just keep it up. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint :smile: