Losing weight with Insulin Resistance

Last year I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance and it's made losing weight a lot harder. Tracking my food on this site has been very helpful and I've been losing an average of 2 pounds per week. I'm trying my best to avoid bread, rice and other High GI foods but was just wondering if any of you guys were losing weight with insulin resistance as well or have lost a significant amount of weight with it? What changes have brought the best results for you? Also, those of you that have it probably know about the dark skin -usually around the neck (Acanthosis nigricans) that comes with insulin resistance. Has this visibly reduced after weight loss? I'd like to hear your success stories or people going through the process now. Feel free to add me as well if you'd like.


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    I'm interested in following this discussion!
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    I was just recently diagnosed with PCOS and started taking metformin - just starting the process of weight loss so while I can't give you any great tips just yet, I can definitely join you on your journey! Low GI is a great way to go and I have found that I am not nearly as 'snacky' by choosing whole wheat pasta, bread etc - over white or processed. Sending a friend request!
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