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nurserae7 Posts: 43 Member
My caloric intake is set for just under 1400 cal/day. However, when I exercise and log it for the day, it increases my calories. I don't really want to consume the extra calories that are added to my food diary. Can I just leave off those calories? I know if I consume too little calories I will cease to lose weight, but I'm afraid I won't lose weight if I add the extra calories. Am I making any sense here? lol

So, is there a way to log the exercise and yet NOT have them added to my Food Diary? I know that may seem silly, but when I see so many calories messes with me!!! lol Thanks.

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  • sarah44254
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    Only way to avoid having the exercise calories added in, is to not log the exercise.

    I firmly believe you need to eat them. Eat food, lose weight! :)
  • aris2
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    As far as I know you can just eat the ones you are allowed before exercise. The ones added due to exercise are just in case you want to eat a little extra, you can since you've burned. I hope that make sense but I think as long as you are eating the recommended you'll be fine.
  • phoebetf
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    Hi! I encountered the same kind of problem and I never ate the calories back. I've been losing weight at a very healthy rate (1-2 lbs/week) with my current diet combined with exercise.
    I don't think there's a way to log the exercise and yet not have them added to the food diary... but they show you your food calorie intake for the day right? That's the number that I use and care about =)

    Hope this helps!!
  • CassieLEO
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    I didnt believe it yet, and worked my *kitten* off for a long time without any weight loss. I started eating my calories back and now im losing weight very steady. Dont knock it till you try it. Obviously its worked for thousands of people on here!
  • cmriverside
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    No way to leave them off, and you really do need to eat those calories. You already have a deficit built in by using the wizard that you used when you signed up here with your goals.

    why am I ..........
  • thoward74
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    If you do a search for "exercise calories" you will find every opinion under the sun - and even probably a few from way out there :laugh: In all will find out what works for your body. Sometimes I ate mine, most of the time I ate a few, but not all of them. I seldom ate more than 100 of them back and lost about 70 lbs in 7 months. Sometimes when I hit a plateau I would up my calories for a day or two, then drop back and I would lose again. It really all comes down to knowing what your bodies needs. No one else can really tell you that. :smile: Good luck on your journey!
  • Vtrembacki
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    Think of your body as a car: the more you use it, the more gas it needs. well food is your gas- if you exercise alot, you should eat back some of those calories.
    I'm not saying you should eat 100% of your exercise calories everyday, but you should try and eat some. And if youre exercising you should be filling those calories with nutritional foods such as protein, good grains, good fats and fruits and veggies so that your body can use the nutrients to build muscle.
    Again our food is our fuel. do you want your body to perform at a "regular" level, or at the "premium" level?
  • KandiLicious
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    Agree with the need to eat back your calories. You will see in the long run you lose more weight eating them back.
  • nurserae7
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    Okay...thanks for all the advice!! I know that when I exercise I feel the need to eat more....and I crave more water. So, looking at everyone's responses I will modify my eating and add back in a few, but not all, of the calories burned from exercise. I appreciate the encouragement on what foods are best to add back in, too!