Did you always have a weight problem or no?

I was just thinking about this. Alot of people I see on MFP, Have said that they have had a weight problem their whole lives? Am I the only one that really hasn't....I was always told as a child/teenager that i was fat/chubby etc...But looking back on it now, I wasn't and my doctors were never concerned. I am thinking this may be one of those things that drove me to where I am today!!! When I graduated HS I was 160lbs (perfect weight for my frame and height), 2 years later 180, Before I became pregnant I ballooned to 230!!!!


  • Naomi91
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    Well im only 19 xD but up until freshman year of college I was chubby! About 145 and did NOT carry my weight well xD
  • JEK717
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    No you are def not the only one. I have never had a problem with my weight. I just ate a little too much this last Christmas season because of family issues. I was not even overweight then. I just wanted to lose that unwanted weight.
  • krisney
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    I've been chubby almost my whole life. For me thinner is definitely the exception, never the rule. It's hard to get used to being lighter...started this journey at 238, CW 153.
  • Qarol
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    My weight problem started with puberty. I was always a skinny child with endless energy. But once I became chubby, I've really always been so.
  • islandnutshel
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    except for a brief time when a school friend made a comment- I never thought about weight. I was always heavier framed but a healthy weight (irish frame). Not till after marriage, after the pill, after the thyroid problem, did I gain. Now I have wasted a decade being over weight and I resent it.
  • R_is_for_Rachel
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    everytime i went to the doctors i was told to lose weight -even when i was in the normal weight BMI category. I used to think i was fat, now i want to be that size! lol!
  • chic_mama_25
    Never had a weight problem, stayed pretty much the same weight since being a teenager, obvs put on weight when pregnant but I lost it all in about 4 months (lots of hard work in the gym though I might add).

    Now I think my metabolism has slowed down now that I am in my mid twenties or something, I can no longer eat what I want without thinking and do no exercise! I put on 20 lbs between Oct and Dec 2010. WTH, I know.

    I don't look 'fat' now - I just am unhappy with the wobbliness and cellulite and the fact that I gained 2 dress sizes so none of my nice clothes that I so lovingly spent my student loan on fit!

    So that's why I am here, to get back to being slim and gorgeous!
  • SarahofTwins
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    No I didnt have a weight problem till I had my son and twins...I use to stay around 125-130...but I gained like all these pounds and back to losing once again. Its just an up and down thing really. lol
  • taso42_DELETED
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    I just never really cared before. I was pretty much always out of shape. I blamed my asthma for lack of exercise. I was probably in the normal weight range until about college, and then started gradually gaining weight till I became pretty plump. And this lasted into my 30's where I finally turned it all around.
  • andreae13
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    I weighed over 9lbs when i was born and have been fat/chubby ever since. I was only about 15-20 over weight as a child but as soon as I got into junior high is just went up, and up....until now :)
  • Rubie81
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    Nope. I was pretty slim up until 18. At 18 I started gaining a bit of weight after breaking my toe and starting a job that required me to work late hours. The heaviest I was then was 140 and that was like 'obese' in my eyes. But it was so easy to lose the weight and maintain it. So 120/125 was my regular weight. Then at 23 I started dating my husband and lost a few pounds for the wedding. I think I was 116 then. I did a lot of ab work, a lot of pilates and TaeBo. As soon as I got married, no joke, I started to steadily gain. I think I was back in the 140s when I got pregnant with my first. Gained tons of weight. Lost some of the weight after having her and got to my lowest of 132, I think. Started to gain weight again, then got pregnant for a 2nd time and boy was I fat. My heaviest was 183 or 186. And from Oct 'till now I have dropped the weight, thank God.
  • poustotah
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    I never had a weight problem until I got married to my current husband. I guess I got comfortable and just started letting myself go. At my peak, I was 240 lbs and just got sick of looking at myself so I started changing things. Then I got pregnant with baby #3 and decided that I was going to take that opportunity to let my inner fat girl show. When I had him, I was 260 lbs and had gestational diabetes. Around then I decided that wasn't going to die of something that I could prevent so I lost 90 lbs and went on my way. Now I'm pregnant with baby #4 and I'm still going to the gym 3 times a week, I watch what I eat, and I'm confident that I'll get back to my pre-pregnancy weight after I have this little tater in 7 more weeks.
  • SassyStef
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    no you are not the only one lol my family is the family that eats any thing and every thing and never gains weight lol we are all natural athletes and have always staid active.
    I am here dropping the baby weight. I gained near 50lbs with our daughter and lost 20lb the first year and totally staled out after that lol it has taken me 6 months to get off 25lb and I have 9 more to go :smile:

    I was the tall, lanky, skinny girl so I got picked on for those reasons lol but I was an athlete so I had other focuses. I am 6ft I weighted 145 in high school and after high school I dropped down to 132 for modeling. I hope to get back down to 145 but I am all about toning now. :glasses:
  • Seesaa
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    chubby baby, to chubby kid, to pudgy adolescent, to fat teen, to huge adult.
  • MB_Positif
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    Never really had a problem until I started sitting at a desk for work :( And even then it wasn't terrible, but getting married and pregnant and too busy to cook ruined me! Getting back on track one day at a time!
  • starboardzor
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    I never had a problem, no. It was pretty much my transition into the military and all my past marital problems that sort of drove me into a 30 lb weight gain. I was just depressed and drank a lot and ate really awful. My first goal was to get back to pre-military weight and I've done it!

    My job before the miltiary also had me running around all day on my feet, so I stayed pretty thin and didn't have to watch what I ate. Now it's just one desk job after another until I get out. But I'm glad I got wise now instead of later... I'm sure 10 years from now weight loss would have been even harder. Now fitness and watching what I eat just comes natural to me and I don't see that ever changing.
  • schlubba
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    I never did, I could eat and do anything I wanted and stayed skinny as a rail. I figured I musta worked my metabolism so hard that it gave up and quit because now I've more than doubled in size since I was a teen. Won't be but a year and I'll be back down again.
  • christinad95
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    My situation is the same as yours. I was not heavy as a child but told I was, which I believe contributed to the way I am now. However, things for me have changed a bit, now I have a problem with my thyroid so I think I'll have to be careful the rest of my life now.
  • cowpoke06
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    I have not always had a weight problem. I used to weight about 133 without ever really trying...that was through about 2006/2007. I gained weight...lost it in 2008 then stopped working out and I've gained it back plus some...now here I am. It's hard knowing that I used to be one way and now I'm not. I actually hardly ever socialize anymore because I don't feel adequate. I used to be the "skinny" friend and the girl all the guys wanted to talk to (not that it matters anymore with my boyfriend but it's a nice ego boost! When I met him I was skinny and and he would brag about was how hot I was...he doesn't do that anymore) It's definitely led me to where I am because I didn't realize really that I was gaining weight while I was because I had this image of me and who I was and had been my whole life. And I think it makes it harder now because It's hard to accept that I really do have to change the way I do things and eat and everything when I didn't have to before. Granted I've struggled for about 5 years now...but that's 5 out of 27.

    But nope, you're not the only one
  • JustMichelleB
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    Pretty much all my life. Was a skinny toddler/preschooler, had my tonsils out (not sure how this has to do w/ weight), then gained weight. Was literally obese in HS and college (5'3", 185lb at my heaviest). Lost 50lb senior year (by switching from reg coke to diet coke, decreasing snacking and starting to exercise). Have regained weight here and there, now trying to get back down closer to my lowest (courtesy of WW after my first baby) weight of 125, currenlty 133.