Sport Bra Issue.

I have one sports bra. It is made by reebox and it crosses in the back. I find that everytime I wear it, My upper back has muscle spasms for a few days after. WTH. WHy is it like that? Could it be because its not positioning my breasts the right way. I have a big chest so I need support ladies. Any suggestions for a good sports bra???


  • mkcalvert
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    Get normal ones and wear two...I don't know this first hand as I'm not very wealthy in that dept lol...But that's what some of my friends do.
  • rice161
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    Moving Comfort rocks! They're a little pricey, but I've bought one or two on eBay even. The straps and band are largely adjustable yet it's comfortable like a bra without an underwire (so no ONE BOOB issues like some sports bras!). Not sure what all sizes are available, but I've previously owned up to a 44D or 42DD. I use them now for an hour of Zumba jumping around and have NO issues!
  • Onesnap
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    You may have to spend a bit more. You'll also need cups to support, not just the uni-boob look. I would suggest looking at Prana or
  • hsquared87
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    Motion comfort makes bras for small to large chested woman. Buy the ones with regular adjustable bra straps. I love their sports bras.
  • knovello82
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    I have issues too. If I get a medium it's too tight and rides up, if I get a large I feel like I'm flopping around!
  • AnnRoiter
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    When you work out pay attention to your shoulders. Is there tension in them? I tend to wear my shoulders like ear rings when I run unless I focus on keeping my shoulders relaxed and down. My shoulders will start to burn and ache if I don't keep dropping them back down where they are suppose to be. Could be it's too small if it's pulling too much on your shoulders. I some times have to pull the back of the bra down farther and push the front up to get pressure off my shoulders. It's not easying being well endowed up top and running but it can be done. Good luck to you. I like my Nike DriFit - does not cross in the back but gives really good support. Maybe the crossing in the back is causing it.
  • adristory
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    I like the ones that are like tank tops (no wires or special cups)' as I feel they hold me in tighter. I got one several years ago from Under Armour and love it. It was about $25-30 and really has held up very well; I use it a lot, it is kind of shinny Lycra material. On their web site, it looks like the Women's Original.

    I find that if a sports bra is too tight, it is my neck/upper back that hurts.
  • Rebeccasluckyduck
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    I always wear two. The one next to my skin is seamless and the outer one fits very tight. I also make sure they're not the same style. Helps to hold the "girls" where they should be.
  • jonikeffer
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    I'm a 34 D and that's after a reduction 10 yrs ago, so I know about needing support. <lol> I have had good luck with several made by Champion. I need underwires...anything else and I'm falling through the bottom. I have been using this one, which has underwires, extra fabric/padding over those wires, and has this great ring with a hook on the strap so you can convert it into a T-back! Best bra ever, although very functional looking (ie not sexy).

    That is just a link to the product, not an endorsement on price. If you have a Hanes outlet near you that's a good place to look for this. Runs about $20 which is cheap for a large size bra as you probably know. ;)