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I started using MFP a little while ago but this is the first time I have looked at the message boards. I have been inspired by some of the pictures in the success story section so thought I'd come and say hello!!
I have a lot of weight to loose. Not sure of my exact goal weight yet.. I want to loose 70lbs then re-evaluate, though I will probably have another 30lbs to go (at least) after that.
I find I'm ok for a few weeks then the bad food starts to creep back in.
I started going to a gym, doing 30mins of a circuit and I now go 5 times a week. But this alone hasn't really had any effect on the weight loss so I know I need to be really careful with my diet and maybe also step up my exercise by adding to the gym sessions.
Any tips and suggestions are greatly received!!


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    One word of advice I have is to get involved in the gym classes. They can be a fun way to get more excersize in. I started going to those a few weeks ago and I was intimidated and embarrassed cause everyone else was so much more in shape than me but I got over that and have really liked it. Water Aerobics is my favorite. I have lost inches off my arms and waste because of water aerobics. Good luck!!

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    Thanks Cali,
    The trouble with the gym I'm with is they don't do any classes. They just do the 30minutes circuit so I'm kinda doing the maximum I can do there.
    I have thought about classes at other gyms/halls but like you I do have the fear of being so unfit and out of shape compared to the others!! And well done for doing water aerobics, personally putting a swimming costume on so that everybody can see my wobbly bits is my biggest fear!
    I need to bite the bullet and look into these classes I think. Just worry about the cost as I am a student so have a very limited income.