Sciatica & exercise

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I am pretty sure that I have sciatica. I know that I need to go to the dr., but not possible for a couple weeks. I have been doing really well with exercise and dieting. This is just happening the last day or two. I have had sciatica before but not while doing exercise and dieting.
Does anyone know if it is okay to exercise with this? I can push thru the pain. In fact, it feels better when I am moving around.

I really, really want to exercise! And, I mean Turbo Jam and was doing the Couch to 5k.

Thanks, y'all. I understand that responses may not be from doctors (if there are doctors on here, that would be great!!!), but anyone who has it and has dealt with it or knows about this.

Thank you, again.


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    I have sciatica pain as well. I wouldn't recommend doing and strenous exercise when it acts up. I tend to walk and do some stretches. Ask your Doctor for stretches you can do. Walking definately helps me relieve some of the pain and pressure and since losing some weight it hasn't acted up as often.
  • Elbee1
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    Thank you for your response!

    Anyone else out there know about this or experience this?