NSV - a big deal for me

Mariposa187 Posts: 344 Member
I have really been struggling lately since my depression has been getting the better of me. I had a difficult time this mother's day because last year at this time i was pregnant and ended up losing the baby... The emptiness I feel from that experience is something I haven't yet overcome. I have been trying to push through and make good choices but I felt like i have been failing until yesterday.

I went to exercise at the track near my house I walk half and jog half as long as i can. I usually get those pesky side stitches about 20 mins into my exercising or i get fatigued and stop jogging... yesterday I made it an entire 50 mins! :bigsmile: I was so thrilled when i looked at the time and realized I was able to keep up the pace for so long! granted im a little sore but its a good sore!

I had to buy a dress for graduation this saturday and last week friday i went shopping... My dress sizes are usually bigger than my jean sizes since im shaped funny... so i grab 18s and 20s and they are all too big in my boooty and waist area! You should have seen my happy dance! I bought a 16 but its a little loose which is awesome!


  • happybrooke
    happybrooke Posts: 153
    YAY!! Congrats on your victory!! Both of those things a super BIG deals!!

    So sorry to hear of your Mother's day sadness - I'm glad that your workout success was able to cheer you up!
  • Beebs33
    Beebs33 Posts: 262
    Great job! That has to be so exciting! Good for you!
  • johnwhitent
    johnwhitent Posts: 648 Member
    That is a big deal, congrats!
  • IAM125lbs
    IAM125lbs Posts: 235 Member
    Congratulations and this is a BIG DEAL on many levels!
  • MsWright28
    MsWright28 Posts: 43
    CONGRATS!!! :) you have something to smile about because you are reaching your goals.
  • hllamaster
    hllamaster Posts: 137 Member
    I'm so happy for you great job keep it up
  • kittytrix
    kittytrix Posts: 557 Member
    That's fab! Congrats to you and I'm happy dancing with you!
  • anthony438
    anthony438 Posts: 578 Member
    Congrats on the dress and the jog - that is awesome!!!

    BTW, take it easy on judging yourself too harshly. You have not been failing, you have been grieving - there's a biggggg difference.

    My wife and I have been in a similar situation before, and while the pain never goes completely away, it does get better, I promise.

    One day at a time.
  • lorishultis
    lorishultis Posts: 95 Member
    way to rock it girl!!!!! that is soooooo awesome and I cant wait to be able to post something like this myself!
  • patattheshire
    patattheshire Posts: 123 Member
    awesome nice job keep it up tiger
  • kbcakes
    kbcakes Posts: 84
    First, let me say how sorry I am about your loss. I won't pretend to know how you feel, but I do know how much pain it caused friends of mine. The grief is the same as any other loss and you are entitled to feel how you feel. I pray that one day you will find some peace.

    But, on a happy note, let's talk about that NSV! The fact that you ran, continuously for 50 minutes to me is terrific! I won't run for 5 minutes, let alone 50, so let me congratulate you on this accomplishment!

    Secondly, how fantastic that you tried on the 18s and 20s and ended up with a LOOSE 16!!! AWESOME!! You definitely deserve to do the happy dance! I'm pretty certain that someone will notice the difference in you this Saturday at graduation.

    Congratulations on your NSV!!!
  • Jade_Butterfly
    Jade_Butterfly Posts: 2,963 Member
    Sorry for the loss you endured. Love your NSV goes to show how strong you truly are. You are a fighter. Great job!:bigsmile:
  • elliecolorado
    elliecolorado Posts: 1,040
    You are doing great! Wearing a loose size 16 would be a big deal for me too! And great job with the jogging!

    I had a miscarriage last year as well, I know that it is really hard to deal with. I am so sorry for your loss :-(
  • NoExcuseTina
    NoExcuseTina Posts: 506 Member
    YEAH...congrats on both NSV...they are both awesome (and would be a huge deal for me too)!!!!!
  • CharityAngel
    CharityAngel Posts: 111
    I definitely understand loss, it is one of the reasons that I put the weight on, one of many. I have had 8 pregnancies that did not make it to term, one of them I had to still go through labor knowing that he had already died. (because I was that far along) So I definitely get it. It has been ten years since my last baby loss, and this Mother's day I had mixed feelings, so I am there with you.

    Great job on going for a nice long run rather than dealing with that hurt in a negative way!! You are strong!

    And it is ok to cry. I wrote a song about my son to help me deal with the grief, if you want to hear just google Charity Angel A Moment in Time and I am sure you can find it.
  • karatsd
    karatsd Posts: 35
    It is hard to take good care of yourself when you are down and it shows tremendous integrity and strength. Keep up the slow and steady effort, and, as you can see, it will pay off. This journey is an adventure that brings us to our true selves and helps us see ourselves the way God sees us. Great Job. You are worth it!
  • edorice
    edorice Posts: 4,519 Member
    Congratulations on your workout time and I'm sorry for your loss.

    Regarding side stitch: When the side stitch is on the right side, published advice is to try to exhale when your left foot lands.
  • sarahgh
    sarahgh Posts: 10
    What an inspiring post!! You have been a real inspiration to me today. Thank you. I felt the same way on the first mother's day after my first miscarriage (I've had two), and a smart friend told me something that helped me a little. She said that it was my day too, because the pain I was in proved that I was a great mother - that I had treasured my baby - for the time I had been given to do so. Taking care of yourself the way you did on that day, instead of say, eating, is just awesome! You honored your experience in a REAL way. Rock on!
  • dlaplume2
    dlaplume2 Posts: 1,658 Member
    Congrats on your successes. I wish you the best of luck.
    I am sorry for your loss. I had the same thing happen to me and you don't get over it. It does get better. Don't ever feel bad for grieving that loss. I have had 3 more children since then and I hope you have better luck next time.

    Best wishes
  • zoombie_bear
    zoombie_bear Posts: 963 Member
    congrats on your Victories!!!

    Also wanted to add, Sorry for you loss, I've had 4 pregnancies and had 2 losses, so I understand your pain regarding that, but everything happens for a reason, I do believe that... and now to this day, I enjoy my sons even more... hugs
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