You are what you eat!

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I have been "good" and sticking to my plan (even during my "cheat" meal) - Yesterday was the exception.
I had been eating on track all day and went out to dinner last night. Chili's!!! I know they have healthy options, but once my bf and I agreed that we'd start with the nachos, my willpower went out the window and that Shiner BBQ burger was soon on my plate.
When I got home, I immediately felt physically ill. The food that was bad for me was making me feel bad! I never felt that before and am driven to not feel that way for a long time.
Eating healthy makes me feel healthy and eating bad makes me feel bad.
Keep up the good work everyone!


  • BamBam1113
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    I know how you feel. I indulged at ihop last weekend and came home and felt like I couldn't move. It makes me feel bad just thinking about McDonalds or Taco Bell and I used to LIVE there. It's a good learning experience though. Now you know for next time.
  • alingle77
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    I am so with you ! We actually went to Red Robin...and my husband and I use to be able to chow on those damn onion rings and those yummy fries ! But we were good and did not even order them ! I was so suprised we could actually do that ! It is definetly a eye opener for sure ! I will tell you the avacado cobb salad was so yummy and ate every last bite !!!
  • Astrofskyr
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    I had a pizza feast about a month ago and couldn't believe how awful I felt. A friend of mine who eats healthy all the time was with me and she said it was like a carb coma!!! Well stated and i hated the feeling!
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    Dito - eating out can make me feel physically ill now. Trying to choose the healthiest thing on the menu is so worth it. Fewer calories and less of that sick feeling (or carb coma as someone so delicately put it) when I'm walking out the door.

    Ate out last night and chose the pan seared trout and grilled veggies. Way better than the heavy 12oz sirlion and troth of smashed potatoes.
  • brendalyne
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    I agree 1000% percent (yes I do mean one thousand)! And it only took me 53 years to figure that out! :laugh: