Wanting it isn't enough...

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When I was younger I was on the chubby side then joined a dance class freshman year of high school and slimmed down to 110 LBS! Between the Dance classes, waitressing and free aerobics classes in college I maintained that weight. Then came a desk job, a co-worker who loved to bake and my 30s and the LBS added up.
A few years ago I decided to go back to school to finish my bachelors degree. With a 8:30AM-5PM job and classes starting at 5:30PM I ate either out of a vending machine or at 11PM for lack of time. Before I knew it I gained 34 LBS by graduation!
I don't like going clothes shopping or taking pictures anymore. I don't have kids but my family members and friends that do are thinner than me. (I also hate it when my gyno tells me I'm obese based on a chart!)
My parents are overweight and my dad is diabetic. I get hypoglycemic attacks once in a while that I didn't get when I was thinner.
I have realized that the 110LBS was too thin for me so my goal is to be 130LBS. I am now 163LBS and size 12.
I went down to 158 in the first two months of the year but have quickly put those 5 lbs back....now I need to be serious about weight loss (wanting it isn't enough)!!!
I just started a Zumba toning class and take a 10 minute walk to work from the train rather than taking the shuttle. I'm adding more exercise where time permits it.


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    Sounds like a great start! Keep it up.
  • For some people its small simple things. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Parking the car not in the closest spot to the door ( Ladies, I know you all love that one). After dinner just take a walk around the block to get a calorie burn going. Portion control, a cup is a cup is a cup. It helps when you measure things, as Americans we love to Supersize, and our favorite 4 words are ALL YOU CAN EAT !

    Drink water, instead of Coke or Pepsi, that will save you 155 calories per can if you are soda drinker.

    155 x 365 days= 56,575 calories / 3500 = 16 pounds

    I started 15 weeks ago, in the 430 range huffing and puffing when I had walked just a half a mile.
    Now I walk an hour in the Morning and a Hour in the evening = 8 miles a day, and I also hit the exercise bike for 5 miles each time just to keep my knees, limber.

    Believe me the weight will drop off. I was on my way to the gym today and a neighbor said to me, - How much weight have you lost ??? It feels good when people notice you !

    You got support here.
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    Thanks! I have that "my eyes are bigger than my stomach" problem. I used to grab the big container at the work cafeteria. But then I realized I'd fill it and eat more that I needed to. Now I grab the small container and an orange.

    I'm in the process of moving and was happy with my strength to move furniture and boxes and books this weekend. I just finished my physical therapy after having shoulder surgery in December so being in full gear now is a plus. (Moving also burns a lot of calories!)

    Good Luck, you are up to a great start!