I know...may be an over asked topic...but need help/suggesti

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I recently purchased an HRM from Walmart (yes, not the most expensive purchase, but what I could afford.) It wasn't the cheapest one they had, but wasn't the most expensive choice either (which was the one with the chest strap.) Unfortunatly, I won't be able to afford to buy another one for a while (although I really wish I could afford a good one now!) haha...but we all do what we have to do I suppose.

My problem is that it seems like it is under estimating my calories burned. I do realize that MFP is known to over estimate calories, but I really didn't think some of the workouts I'm doing are that low in calories burned. For example...According to MPF a 1 mile run in 10 minutes gave me about 150 calories burned. But according to this HRM..it's giving me 60. According to the HRM a two mile run (twenty minute run) is giving me 150 calories. Last week on the Eliptical, the machine said I'd burned 100 calories, while the HRM said 40, and my heart rate matched on both the machine and the HRM. :/ Does the calories burned sound about right? Or am I correct in feeling like they are too low?? Or...???

I've checked all the settings and have everything set right on the HRM. My solutions are to either 1.) keep using the HRM and go off of what it says until I can get another one. Or 2.) Take what MFP says and divide it in half.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. :)