No Nutritional Information

What do you do when you want to try an item at a restaurant but you cannot find the nutritional information ANYWHERE? I want to try a veggie breakfast burrito at this place next to my work, but I cannot find nutritional information on their website.


  • angiesteele
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    i break down into what goes in the omlet, this way atleast you get a good guess.
  • LexyDawn
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    guesstimate by adding each ingredient seperately.

    2 eggs
    1/4 cup cheese
    1/4 bell peppers
    1, 8 inch flour tortilla
    2 tbs salsa etc....
  • aflane
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    I encounter this a lot while on business travel. I either try to break down the ingredients and then estimate how much of what... OR I order something easy to log (example, 2 scrambled eggs instead of omelet with unknown amount of cheese).
  • I think places are required to have that information, but if they don't, ask how they make it (butter, oil, etc). After finding out those things, I would just do my best to estimate. I don't let not knowing the exact values stop me, but that's just how I am with this. I try to make wise decisions where I can with the information I have. Good luck!
  • poppyloganriley
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    did you ask the manager/owner? I believe they are required to have that information available to customers upon request.
  • beccala18
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    Or find a veggie burrito already in the database. If there are multiples, then average out the calories.
  • dls06
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    Guess what is in it and then create a recipe. They probably use butter and salt so I would put that in as well. Dash of salt and tbls of butter.
  • MsKittyCAT
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    I've sent emails to 3 different restaurants and a manufacturing company this month asking for nutritional info because none was on their menu / website / product. So far no responses. It does frustrate me.
  • flabfighter31
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    Hi Best thing to do instead of guessing is emailing them and ask them directly they have got to know what they put in there food after all they make i wouldn't guess as they might have hidden cals

    good luck fiona
  • sauntryk
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    I just try to find a similar item online, it's hard to guess because we don't know what they use to cook their recipes (lard, butter, oil, pam)... so I google search the nutritional information of 3 veggie breakfast burritos and take the average.... can't go wrong if you guess higher, only if you guess lower...