Tides and weigh-ins

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We spent the weekend at the beach and my kids and I got to talking about tides, what causes them, and how the moon affects other things. I actually convinced my 14 year old for a minute that he is a 1/4 inch taller at high tide than he is at low tide because his body is 70% water. (Don't get all scientifically accurate on me, it was funny).

But it got me to thinking, maybe we should be weighing ourselves at high tide, since the moon's pull on the water in our bodies would slightly affect the earth's.

Thought I'd share. Have a GREAT day!!!


  • ImNotThatBob
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    Hilarious! I used to do stuff like that to my boys too. :laugh:
  • mommynmotion
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    So funny and I am not surprised...even for a minute...that he believed you, briefly! Miss you!
    INSANITY43 Posts: 142
    Ha ha.....Steve actually had an employee (needless to say he didn' last long) who thought we should run the pump jacks on the oil wells during full moons because the tilt of the earth would "pour" more oil out!!!!