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Whooo, plateau broken!

Livi_Loves_PinkLivi_Loves_Pink Posts: 754Member Posts: 754Member
I had a maintain of 208 on the scale for two weeks, then last week went up to 210 (TOM :grumble: )

I suppose 3 weeks isn't really all that long, but it sure felt like it to me :frown:

Well I weighed-in today and the scale said 204! *happy dance* :bigsmile:

I use a doctor's scale that my grandmother-in-law has, and have hubby weigh me since I don't quite trust myself to do it right (although I'm sure I could do it right, I would never believe the results to be accurate...)

The conversation went a bit like this:

Me: I'm 204?
Husband: Yep
Me: The scale is broken
Husband: Nope
Me: I'm 204
Husband: Yep!
Me: The scale isn't broken?
Husband: (now laughing at me) Nope!
Me: I'm 204!



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