Any fried black bean burgers out there!?!?!

mosneakers Posts: 343 Member
So, I go to lunch with my boyfriend and figure I'd either go with the turkey burger or black bean burger. The black bean burger sounded better and I substituted fries with fruit (go me!!). My lunch comes and the black bean burger is FRIED!!!! OMG what am I going to do? I looked at my boyfriend in terror - "It's friiiiiiiiiiiied!!!" "So?" "Oh, you just don't get it." Needless to say, I only ate half of it and tried to scrape off some of the breading.
Was there ever a time where you thought you ordered something healthy and turned out to be dead wrong?


  • fab50G
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    When I was doing Weight Watchers, my daugther and I went through the drive-thru at Taco Bueno (I know, bad start) and I ordered the rice thinking it couldn't be too bad. It's rice, after all - no cheese, nothing fancy. It ended up being some ungodly number of WW points, so I threw it out and ate something at home.