Do I HAVE to have a moment???

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So many people talk about the "moment" when they knew that they needed to do something about their weight. I feel like I've had lots of moments, but none of them really triggered an undeniable drive to build a better, healthier, thinner me. Does this mean I'll fail again? What if I never have "the moment"?


  • unsuspectingfish
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    I don't think it's a necessary thing, as long as you're committed.
  • corsayre8
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    Of course you don't fail, you are on here :-)

    Realistically it wasn't one moment for me, it was cumulative. However, there is a picture out there that I claim as the moment. It just seems to be representative of everythin that built up to my realizing it was time to change.

    My guess is your have your own set of reasons, and just choose not to focus them all into one.
  • sarahlyzzibeth
    I wouldn't feel discouraged by not having a "moment"... I think sometimes a "moment" is what gets people motivated, but there are also people like you who don't need that kind of understand as to why they want to get in shape... some people just know that it's important with out it being this huge life-changing lightning-from-heaven moment.... it can just be a silent, yet powerful conviction. I never had a "moment" either :) and we're both doing just fine and that should be good enough for us!
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    You are on MFP..sorry to say...I think you had a
  • Mamoonie
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    You don't need to have a moment!
    It's like falling in love.... either it's love at first sight, or it's love that's building up over time. Main thing is the love, not when it happened or how long it took you to realise that you love.
    So, main thing is: you have the motivation and are determined to lose weight and create a healthier you. It's not important where this motivation and determination come from, it's important that you have them and not lose them.

    I think it's more important to have a goal than to have a starting point. It's better to work towards something than away from something.

    You won't fail if you don't have that moment.

    Good luck on your journey!

  • jenfunfur
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    I never had the moment i just decided one day that enough was enough. All the little things built up slowly, i don't think this means we are doomed to fail. I've been here for 130 days, lost 19lb, started running & eating great. I feel better than i have in years & will not allow myself to fail. This is a change for life for my health & future family not just a quick fix diet :)
  • villa89
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    yepp , i just have to determined and be motivated , you can do it!!!! :)
  • CuteAndCurvy83
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    you signed up for MFP and decided to get healthier ,it's safe to say you had a moment. lol
  • stella77
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    I didn't have a specific moment either. I just started with MFP very slowly to see how it goes and gave myself a lot of time to lose my excess. Tried to stay within my kcal goal and started walking 30 mins a day. I didn' really go into it like crazy and it still wokred.

    I don't think you need to have a moment.

    Just a committment and realistic goals. This was the first time in my life I was honest with myself - I didn't splurge on gym membership, because I knew I would never use it, I didn't stock up on healthy food immediately because I knew I give up on that. I just reduced the amounts and the weight started coming off. Little by little.
  • davidrt
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    you already had the moment now you just need the drive to stick with it , you will only fail if you let yourself, you are here let others help you, iv seen my son lose 100 pounds if he can do kit so can i , but you also cant do it for others it has to be for you, its your life take charge of it, and if you have a bad day make the next a better day
  • weeze_h
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    I never had a moment but if i stand on the scales on a Monday morning and I'm the same or less than last week that gives me my motivation for the next week :smile:
  • GoodMorningGirl
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    I never had a "moment," either. I just started making a lot of little changes that are starting to add up. Try making a list of all the positive changes you've made in your life since you started your weight loss journey and you'll see how far you've come. Besides eating better and working out more regularly, some of the changes I've made that support my new lifestyle include getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, giving up coffee (because it was hurting my stomach and causing me to have energy spikes and crashes), and taking a multivitamin and fish oil every day. I've been working hard to make changes I expect to use for the rest of my life, not just the part where I'm losing weight. I bet you've made a lot of tweaks to the way you do things as well!
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    I think "moments" tend to be more cumulative.....There was the "moment" the girl talked me into the INSANITY challenge...I did it! Then there was the "moment" I signed up for MFP to help me with my commitment to a healthier lifestyle. My "reasons" may sound on the surface to be trite or prideful BUT when I hit my 40's and started observing friends near my age struggling with excessive amounts of weight, lack of energy, health issues like increased cholesterol, High Blood Pressure...and my "young" 50 year old friend (who, like most of us, could lose a few but lived a rather active life) suffered a heart attack and required stents....and the most "vain" :-) reason was that I was not comfortable in my skin...I decided that preventative measures would be easier in the long run. The most "convicting" reason that keeps me going *even after a fail) is that I was hypocritical in my "judging" of friends & family who turn to alcohol and/or a cigarette to calm their nerves, fill the boredom, soothe the sadness, etc when I was "medicating" my same symptoms with a cookie, a bowl of icecream or some other "comfort" food!!! I could climb my soapbox and preach the harm they were doing while all the while my "addictions" can/could/would be harmful to my health too! Our bodies are a gift from God and we should take care of them. So I don't think you NEED a precise moment that you "aha'ed" ..... we just need to keep pressing toward the mark!!! Love Ya!
  • LorinaLynn
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    You've had a moment. Maybe several. It might not be as dramatic or precise as some others, but you didn't sign up on here and make an active choice to become healthier by accident. :wink:

    I had a lot of moments I completely ignored at the time, but once I got on the path, I realized, "Yep. That was a turning point."