Blueberry recipes..not for dessert

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I love my blueberries. I eat them in salad, in my yogurt, in cereal...except for right now as I am starting a cereal strike, I eat them with a toritlla and roll them up with some cream cheese...I spread some peanut butter on a rice cake or toast and cover with blueberries...i eat them by the handful, in cottage cheese, I eat them along with a serving of almonds etc...I know about muffins and smoothies too...Anyone have ideas of how to cook my dinner with blueberries...does anyone have any great dinner recipes with blueberries...I bought a 2 lb container and would love to use them kids will eat some and I suppose I could make some muffins to share with the family... oooooo...also...we are having a family reunion soon..the grandkids (me and my cousins) were remembering Grandma's blueberry pie and her cherry pie...any ideas for a blueberry cherry dessert that won't kill that calorie load for the day...Thanks in advance...looking forward to some great ideas.


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    the only thing i do with them is an eaton mess but thats desert. I know what you mean though blueberries are yummy :)