30DS just bought it! tips and suggestions?

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just bought the 30 day shred, wondering if anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to get the most out of it, and if anyone has before/after pics and what you did?


  • AudgePaudge
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    I ordered mine too, would love to hear suggestions also!
  • Stick with it. If time allows, 30-60 minutes of cardio afterwards. When you complete it, start it over with heavier weights and increase your cardio intensity :)

    My first round with 3 lb weights, I included an hour of biking. My second round with 5 lb weights, I included running intervals. My third round with 8 lb weights, I was running 3 miles a day or biking about 20. I then went on to Ripped in 30 for a round and had pretty awesome results. On days that I thought I needed more than the 30DS and didn't want to do normal cardio, I used all the other JM's DVD. I own them all and love them all. Most important advice I can give you? STICK WITH IT!!! I gained muscle before I seen any weight loss. Don't let the scale dictate how you feel. You WILL get stronger so don't give up if you don't see results right away. It's more important to feel results anyway :) G'luck and feel free to send me a friends request if you need the support!
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    I just queued it from netflix as well!! excited to start :)
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    Just picked mine up today from Wal Mart (along with 6wk 6pk as a chaser) along with some 5lb dumbbells; because I already do tons of weight training, then thought better of it and picked up some 3lb ones as well, because I have a feeling there's going to be lots of superset-type stuff.

    Is it too late to jump on in with any of the groups?
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    thank so much! ill double it up with my gym time 5 days a week. I'm finally motivated, so i just gotta go grab some dumbbells tn!
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    I do the 30DS in the morning, then go to the gym when I get out of work.
    It's definitely a great investment!
    I ordered mine from Netflix, then two days into it bought the DVD, because I knew I'd use it all the time.
    I'm still only on level one, but in the 25 minutes, I usually burn 300-350 calories.
    It's amazing!
    I'm now pairing it with a conditioning workout as well, so I'm expecting to definitely see more muscle gain than weight loss over the next couple weeks.
    Add me if you'd like!