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deeharley Posts: 1,208 Member
I refuse to call it a victory because I was PISSED. My husband and I went out to eat for his birthday. Normally, I would get a salad, eat it, then cut my entree in half, eat one half and take the other half home to eat for lunch tomorrow.

Tonight, I ate the salad, THEN COUDN'T EAT HALF THE ENTREE!!! I brought AT LEAST three quarters of it home! I'm assuming it's because my body is getting used to eating less, and I love that idea, but basically I had lettuce for dinner tonight. Oh well, lunch tomorrow will be good.


  • duckypooh67
    Taking your entree in half is a great idea. i do the same. since i have been on a diet. ive been scared to go out to eat so i have been eating at home and salads and meat at work.
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