NVS - Not stretching clothes

mosneakers Posts: 343 Member
So, I bought some polos online from Old Navy a few months ago (I'm a sucker for clearance items) and they were WAY too small when I got them.
I remembered about them this monring when I was deciding what to wear to work. I tired on the blue one and it was form fitting - wasn't tight, rolls weren't everywhere, etc. Normally, when I would put on something that fit like that, I'd stretch it out - NOT today - I saw that the shirt looked good enough on me to not stretch out the stomach or the arms. Such an awesome feeling!


  • julie_a_griffin
    julie_a_griffin Posts: 58 Member
    Well done! That's a pretty good NSV. Keep up the good work!
  • GingerbreadArtist
    GingerbreadArtist Posts: 212 Member
    That must be an awesome feeling - congratulations! Keep up the good work!
  • Congrats! I love that feeling! =)
  • Now THAT is a great NSV!! Congrats - on the NSV and new shirts! :happy: I'm a sucker for the clearance rack, too! :wink:
  • Elle_Jamaicangirl81
    Elle_Jamaicangirl81 Posts: 418 Member
    i had something similiar just this morning... omg it feels so awesome. i'm in a good mood and i bet you are too! Congrats!
  • hmm33502
    hmm33502 Posts: 201 Member
    LOVE IT! I also buy smaller clothes as motivation to lose! I generally forget about them until they are too big.

    That's a GREAT NSV!
  • sjkcarter
    sjkcarter Posts: 417 Member
    That is great!!! Keep up the good work. I love Old Navy...
  • iamMaLisa
    iamMaLisa Posts: 278 Member
    its a fan-freakin-tastic feeling! always look back to this moment and remember that feeling of such accomplishment! you are doing it!
  • maryd4love
    maryd4love Posts: 164 Member
  • brocflores
    brocflores Posts: 111
    Thats amazing!!! I felt the same way yesterday!! WTG and keep up the good work ;)
  • GingerbreadArtist
    GingerbreadArtist Posts: 212 Member
    I have a closet full of smaller clothes that I am excited to fit into again..... : )
  • Tobi1013
    Tobi1013 Posts: 732 Member
    Fabulous!!!! Congrats on the great NSV!!!! Keep up the great work!!
  • kmp327
    kmp327 Posts: 97 Member
    Congrats Mo - that must feel great!
  • corimac
    corimac Posts: 30 Member
    I'm a stretching pro. I can stretch a medium t-shirt into a large in a snap. I'm hoping to put that skill behind me soon! Haha!

  • mosneakers
    mosneakers Posts: 343 Member
    Thanks so much, everyone. And thanks, MFP, for bringing such motivational people into my life!
  • Lets_Do_It
    Lets_Do_It Posts: 202
    :D I looove when that happens!!! It's almost like shopping!!! Congrats!
  • katkins3
    katkins3 Posts: 1,360 Member
    This is a great NVS. I can totally identify! There is nothing like a surprise victory. I have two closets of too small clothes that I WILL wear again!
  • pinkgirlzoe
    pinkgirlzoe Posts: 59 Member
    well done!
  • Shannibal
    Shannibal Posts: 103 Member
    Thats awesome. Im a big dude and would do the same thing with my clothes. Always stretching them out. The same shirts I was stretching out 52 days ago are now almost to big!

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.
  • lcnelson
    lcnelson Posts: 279 Member
    What a great post! Sometimes its alot more about how our clothes fit than the weight we've lost!
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