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P90X without any equipment?

CollinskyCollinsky Posts: 604Member Member Posts: 604Member Member
I was thinking about starting P90X in a couple weeks -- I don't have a chin up bar or resistance bands; can I go ahead and start or do I need to get something first? What kind of equipment is essential to it? Thanks!


  • CrowhorseCrowhorse Posts: 394Member Member Posts: 394Member Member
    Well, not going to be able to do much with the weights without that, but you CAN the body weight exercises and the cardio. You can do that until you get what you need.
  • TAMMY_76TAMMY_76 Posts: 199Member Posts: 199Member
    you would definatley need resistance bands for chin ups and the other weight training exercise
  • mbulz53mbulz53 Posts: 26Member Member Posts: 26Member Member
    Ditto. Ive been holding off starting, waiting until I move so I can buy some free weights & power tower (chin up bar). My g/f is doing it right now with resistance bands and light free weights.
  • reepobobreepobob Posts: 1,186Member Member Posts: 1,186Member Member
    Dumbells or resistance bands (I prefer weights)
    Pull up bar or a free standing power tower (power towers are expensive but much nicer and work well in basements)
    Yoga equipment including a mat and a block

    Nice to haves...
    Cross trainers and thicker plyo mat for Plyometrics
    Weighted vest and weighted gloves, weighted wrist weights and weighted ankle weights

    If you go the weights option, I strongly suggest you invest in the adjustable dumbells...I really wish I would have done that as I am maxing on my free weights in terms of them being too light and any I buy now are going to run me some serious cash.

    Hope that helped you...
  • JamazurunnerJamazurunner Posts: 132Member Posts: 132Member
    For most of the P90X videos you will need some kind of weights. I bought free weights/dumbells but you can always use soup cans or other items you have at home. For a few of the resistance workouts you will need something like this to help boost your strength.

    In terms of a chin up bar, its not necessary. I used resistance bands instead (as they show you some modified moves just in case you don't have the bar). They even show a few moves with the band if you don't have weights as well. If anything, invest in one or two resistance bands. You can go to a CVS or Walgreens and pick up a Therma band if you don't want to spend too much money.

    The cardio workouts are fantastic (and they require little to no equipment). Sometimes they suggest you get a chair for certain exercises, but otherwise you don't have to buy anything fancy.

    I hope this helps you. The P90X workouts are fantastic! Best of luck!
  • kellyscomebackkellyscomeback Posts: 1,425Member, Premium Member Posts: 1,425Member, Premium Member
    Here's a great deal on a chin up bar from WalMart:

    I also got a great cheapo set of adjustable dumbbells from WalMart for $20 before shipping for another program.
  • CodyD18CodyD18 Posts: 161Member Member Posts: 161Member Member
    I don't think you can really do p90x without ANY equipment. Maybe check out Insanity though. Insanity is really great too and it doesn't require any equipment. It's more challenging than p90x to me though.
  • mark03264mark03264 Posts: 334Member Member Posts: 334Member Member
    P90X is a great program. To follow the plan they have laid out you would need a chin up bar and bands or dumbbells right away. Some of the DVDs do not require any equipment but the floor. When I first got P90X two years ago I was following the plan. Now I randomly use the DVDs in the mix on days I'm not doing some other exercise. It is a tough program but I recommend it.
  • CollinskyCollinsky Posts: 604Member Member Posts: 604Member Member
    I have weights and a yoga mat. I doubt I would need the block, I do yoga without it now and I can't imagine their yoga is that much different.

    I guess I'll need to get some resistance bands, though. Thanks!!

    I'll look into Insanity. I'll probably go with P90X, though, since someone lent that to me already. :-)
  • ghozttghoztt Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    You can at least get started to try out the videos. Just because it's a full program doesn't mean you have to follow it to work out. I've been picking out routines I want from that series and the original P90 series and mixing my workouts up. I'm not at a point where I can follow the program strictly but at least I'm working out and have been for the last 2 months in this fashion. You can do Cardio, Yoga, Stretch, Plyometrics, Kempo, Abs and the legs of the Legs/Back and the chest of the Chest/Back videos. If you're just starting out and not in the greatest of shape, even doing half of those two are going to be a nice workout.
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