Beauty Detox Solution

Has anyone tried the Beauty Detox Solution and/or read the book? It's pretty extreme but I've had so many digestive problems this year that I am going to give it a go.

The main things I took away from her plan that I'm going to implement are:
Making each meal based on veggies, and starting each meal with raw vegetables or a green salad
Eat less (or no) processed foods
Less animal products
Going gluten free, which I've already been doing more or less for a couple months (some weeks much less)
I'm also going to begin taking probiotics.

I am going to meet with my doctor and/or nutritionist to run this by them, I'm not trying to do some crazy crash diet or something, but I do need to overhaul my eating in an extreme way.

The main things I don't like about this book are her limitations/exclusions on beans and dairy (I think beans are a really good food, and I just plain love cheese) but I understand what she's saying. If my digestion problems clear up by not eating those foods I'll be delighted!


  • maremare312
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    I've been following this plan loosely for a couple days and I already feel so much better! Mm, veggies!