On your way to ONEderland?

Hey all, I started this journey about three months ago and have lost 33 pounds so far =) I have made some wonderful friends on this site but would love more that are over 200 pounds and trying to get to ONEderland like me or even those that have gone through a large weight loss, the more the merrier, so add me if you'd like =)


  • jdm0804
    jdm0804 Posts: 98 Member
    I started using this site about 3 months ago too. I was at 215 at the start, and right now I'm at 202. I'm shooting for 170. Feel free to friend me!
  • jlcrose
    jlcrose Posts: 22
    I'm at 209 so I don't have far to go yet, but I'd love to join you! I've dreamed about Onederland for a long time!! Let's cheer each other on!!
  • camille45
    camille45 Posts: 106 Member
    7 pounds away!
  • Choirgirl37
    Choirgirl37 Posts: 255
    I'm at 212. Add me! My big goal is to be at 150 by the end of the year and party like its 1999!!!
  • I sent you a request. As of today, I'm 213.
  • swayzine
    swayzine Posts: 6
    How did you do it? I was 210lbs, down to 179.3. It seems like I'm gaining rather than loosing now. I'm trying to understand this concept of muscle weight. Maybe I should stop doing strengthening exercises and more cardio? However, I have to strengthen my muscles because I was in a wheelchair for over 25 yrs. Its really excited when I was seeing the weight loss on the scale. And now, I only see gain. I try eating the portion sizes 5 times a day but I get so full after eating. Sometimes, I'm 5-10 calories off, so I stuff myself until my stomach hurts from gas. What did you do? DISAPPOINTED
  • cjjones007
    cjjones007 Posts: 602
    That is fantastic on your loss thus far - you let us know however we can help!!! Congrats on choosing a healthy lifestyle at your age - so impressed with you :)
  • briabner
    briabner Posts: 427 Member
    Just hit onederland last week and it was an AMAZING feeling!!!!

    Just sent you a friend request
  • jonco
    jonco Posts: 17 Member
    Like briabner, I also got into ONEderland last week. I've been feeling great ever since. It is so worth the effort.

    Good luck to you all! I know we can do it!
  • purpleprose
    purpleprose Posts: 650
    I'm about 10 pounds away from it and am so excited!