My first power walk 5K

Tiggermummy Posts: 312 Member
so last night, it was stupidly hot and when I got to my zumba class it had been cancelled as we couldn't get into the hall..
so I decided to go home and go for a power walk instead - I don't run I can walk faster!
so I did 5k round the parks and local roads - even with taking the dog, having to stop whilst he did his "thing" and having to limp him home at the end as he had split a pad.
I completed it

time taken :38 minutes
max speed : 9.7 mph!
Average speed 5.1mph

so maybe I will look at the half marathon in October......


  • SarahJaneDeschamp
    SarahJaneDeschamp Posts: 359 Member
    thats impressive, good for you for doing something else because your class was cancelled xx
  • BerryH
    BerryH Posts: 4,698 Member
    That's faster than I run! Great going.
  • cheeksv
    cheeksv Posts: 521 Member
    I am training to run a 5k by August. Not as easy as it sounds and I had some doubts but I am really determined! Good luck to you!
  • jeff261159
    jeff261159 Posts: 385
    a 9.7mph walk is massive and almost a sprint, my runs are around 5.5mph average over 10 miles!! do you mean kilometres lol
  • Tiggermummy
    Tiggermummy Posts: 312 Member
    I use my tracks app with gps on my phone, and its set to mph.

    I have little legs so have always had to walk fast to keep up with my parents and now my hubby (he's almost 6ft!)

    the max speed was I think because one section I was walking was downhill, but a lot of it was up hill too!
  • lluckenbaugh
    lluckenbaugh Posts: 12 Member
    I've signed up for my first 5k in March. I can't run/jog, but I can power walk. Today I did the 3.1 mile in 55 minutes. That included some hills, not sure if the course will have them or not. Do I need to do this everyday? Or every other day?
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