SV & a Personal Challenge

Tiggermummy Posts: 312 Member
It might seem a silly thing but it was starting to bug me, I broke into onderland just after easter, but it has taken until this week for me to not creep back over the 200 by the end of the day!
I know you shouldn't weigh yourself too often but it is nice to know that even at the end of the day when I am going to be my most heaviest I am still under 200!

I have also signed myself up to do the Shine London Night Half Marathon in October, its a walking event to raise monies for Cancer Research UK, so I have set myself a challenge to complete the 13.1miles in 3 hours.
I've started doing a couple of 5K walks during the week, but I can see some 10-15K ones creeping in at the weekends!


  • bossmodehan
    bossmodehan Posts: 210 Member
    that's a really inspiring goal, makes me want to sign up for a fundraising event...might do a bit of research and see what's occurring in my local area!

    10-15k is huge but you will definitely make it! GOOD LUCK :flowerforyou:
  • whiskey9890
    whiskey9890 Posts: 652 Member
    congratulations and well done on setting yourself a great goal. it will be hard work but you can walk a half marathon in 3 hours (i have had to in the past due to injury) start training now and enjoy the experience xx
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