Test of willpower...the Bakery!

Today i had some time to kills so I went into the local bakery.....i had no intention or desire to eat anything but I just wanted to look....man stuff looked good but didn't have a desire to eat it...........why can't all those good breads, choc cupcakes etc be good for you ??? I would be all set!! I am thinking if I loose maybe 10 pounds I could go back there and have ONE thing! lol


  • cobarlo14
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    That is a Great NSV!!!!
  • Soooze
    Soooze Posts: 122 Member
    And why are you torturing yourself by walking into a bakery?
    Gosh, you are very good if you didn't buy anything... I think I would gain 5lbs with just the SMELL of all that freshly baked bread... I'd never walk in one of those on purpose!

    The thing is, if you use this as a treat for 10lbs, you might want more and more and more and then gain 10lbs.
    For me, if I don't taste it I'm fine. As soon as I have a bite, I'm a goner!