Hello from California 56.2 pounds lost and going down

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is doing great. My name is Katherine and I'm new to this site. About a month ago one of the ladies within my TOPS chapter told us all about this wonderful site. Well I was so taken in by what she said I decided to come and check it out. So far I really am loving this site.

Here is a little back ground on me and my weight journey.

5/19/2005: I offcially joined TOPS (www.tops.org) and my official starting weight was 282.0 pounds

Year 2008: This was an amazing year for me. I lost a total of 53.4 pounds and I also was a TOPS Division Winner for Northern California.

Year's 2009 to present: The past few years my weight has been up and down so much I feel like a human yo-yo. It seems like I loss a bit and then I gain it right back again. Well I have seen enough of these gains, it's time to start seeing the scale go down.

As of 7/7/2011 I currently weigh 225.8,which means I'm down 56.2 pounds. I'm thrilled that I'm down over 50 pounds, and now it's time to work on finishing this journey.

I would love to meet some new people here, so we can help to motivate each other.

~ Katherine