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planet fitness question

acasey0123acasey0123 Member, Premium Posts: 640 Member Member, Premium Posts: 640 Member
im thinking of joining planet fitness but is it really $29 start up and $10 per month?

Your Membership Offer:

Crazy, Nuts, You Betcha!
Start Up Fee: $29.00

Prorated Monthly Fee: $2.67
(Your monthly fee of $10.00 will begin on July 17th, 2011)

Prorated Annual Membership Fee: $7.22
(This amount covers you until October 1st, 2011 when you will be billed $29.00 for the following year)

Total Amount Due: $38.89

what does all of that mean? I've never joined a gym before


  • urastupidchimpurastupidchimp Member Posts: 80 Member Member Posts: 80 Member
    The prorated amounts are for the remainder of the month if you join now. After you pay that amount ($38.29) then you will pay $10 a month every month. Every October you will be charged another $29.
  • laquita23laquita23 Member Posts: 9 Member Posts: 9
    ok i workout there it is $10/month basically since its already into the year they prorated for the reminding months because theres a yearly fee that is $29 the prorated monthy samething its 9 days already into the month
  • acasey0123acasey0123 Member, Premium Posts: 640 Member Member, Premium Posts: 640 Member
    so would it be better if I wait til Oct to pay the $29 or should I join now?
  • spiralgirl71spiralgirl71 Member Posts: 374 Member Member Posts: 374 Member
    I would join now. You are only paying a portion of the membership fee that they renewed in October 2010. Think of all of the results you will obtain between now and when your yearly membership fee will renew!!
  • sweetsapphire85sweetsapphire85 Member Posts: 386 Member Posts: 386
    I've been a member for over a year. It's a pretty good deal, I originally had the $10 a month membership but then upped it so I can bring a friend (which is an option every time i go which is awesome) for motivation, company, support. I enjoy it, but just make sure you wipe down the equipment. My place the members are pretty diligent but I've heard it's different in different areas.

    I say join now, you'll always have a reason to put it off but once you sink money into it you'll want to get your moneys worth!
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