size 4 girls what is your height and weight?



  • Sabiee
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    I am 5.2. Wear 4 size currently I m 129 lbs.trying hard lost 12 months in 5 weeks .want to be 110 by aug 10 .my sister marriage is coming .guys we all can do this.........
  • NikkisNewStart
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    I'm 5' 7 and 128. I wear a 4 and some 2s. I probably should be buying 2s but I always tell myself "there is no way you are in a 2" even if I am... I find myself buying baggy 4s.
  • melhort
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    Thanks for posting this topic! I am amazed at how everyones pant size varies!! I am 5 ft 3/4 inch, weigh 141 lbs at the moment and wear a size 8.
  • AI1108
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    are you top heavy? I'm 5'3 131 lbs and i wear size 6 pants but am a size xs/sm in tops. I have a friend who's around my height and weight, she's a size 2/4 in pants but wears a md/lg in shirts. everyone's built differently.
  • kklindsey
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    I'm barely 5'3". Right now I am comfortably wearing a size 4. I weigh 141 lbs.

    yes! finally someone else who weighs that and wears a 4. I was beginning to think I was crazy. I always wear a 4 across the board, unless they run big, one time at Maurices I had to go to a 2 and I was like, um, no. lol.
  • kklindsey
    kklindsey Posts: 382 Member
    are you top heavy? I'm 5'3 131 lbs and i wear size 6 pants but am a size xs/sm in tops. I have a friend who's around my height and weight, she's a size 2/4 in pants but wears a md/lg in shirts. everyone's built differently.

    only in my arms, lol wish I had boobs, A cup all the way with big RIBS, lol. I wear a medium or small shirt and have been known to dip into the girls 14/16 when I see a cute shirt. That is why I posted because it just fascinates me how you can be the same height and weight and be so differently sized.
  • muffintopminx
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    I'm 5"8 at 153 and currently wearing size 8. Hope to be size 6 at 140. I can't ever remember being a size 4, even when I was in college at 115/120, my hips always got in the way (sarcastically thanks mom) and I wasn't a healthy 115/120 either.
  • AggieCass09
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    I'm 5'7,5" and weigh 155 an I'm a size 4
  • arw060310
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    I'm 5"4, and for me to fit into a size 4 jeans, well, I'd have to weigh about 120lbs. I have really large (muscular) thighs, so I'd have to drop a lot of weight. At 130lbs I fit into a 7 pretty snug
  • samb
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    I am 5' tall and I fit into a size 4 short at American Eagle at 112lbs. It's crazy how much of a difference height can make!
  • ShannonWinger
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    It is amazing the differences here. I have to be under 125 lbs to fit into a size 4. I'm 5'3 and 118 lbs right now and a size 4. I do have one pair of size 2 pants but they fit like a 4 and are falling off of me. I have another pair of jeans that are a size 7 that are snug. Definitely depends on the brand.
  • kklindsey
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    I do have to point out that even numbers are always bigger. Juniors are the odd numbers. I wear 4's across the board at 141 but if I dive into the Juniors departments with the odd number sizes I have to get a 9 to fit my butt and it is loose in the waist. Forget a 5 or a 7 they are TINY. I always say Juniors are for girls who have never had children or butts, lol.
  • sshintaku
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    I'm 5'5 and got into size 4s at 135.

    I'm 5'5" and 139, and there is no way in heck I am even close to a 4 ( 6-8 now). Although, I am definitely bottom heavy...
  • kassandra1717
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    I'm 5"3, 132lbs and a size 4 or 6. 4 with pants and 6 mostly for tops cuz I have larger boobs.
  • DayAtATime
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    I am 5'3 and weigh 135 lbs. I am either an 8 or 10 realistically. I would have to weigh in the low 120's to be back into a 4. I am not bottom heavy either.
  • I'm 5'5" 115 lbs and size 0 or 1 in Junior's depending on the brand..I wish women's wear had standardized sizes!!
  • justsarah
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    I am 5'4". When I was size 4, I was about 125lbs.

    Right now I'm at 155 and still wearing my maternity

    Also, some size 4s are different. Old Navy, for instance, is very liberal with their "size 4." But most of my jeans at a size 4 could only be worn when I was 125 or below. That was in the Junior's department.

    If you are talking about the Woman's department, their "size 4" is a LOT bigger than a junior's.
  • Katie3784
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    I wear a size 3/4 and am 5'5" and 125lbs.
  • 80lbslost
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    I am 5'3 and currently weigh 115lbs and wear a size 0/2. When I was a size 4 I weighed between 135 and 140lbs.
  • fromaquasar
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    I'm 5"4, 123 pounds - but I am comfy in a size 4 up to about 130 pounds :)