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Hello everyone! New to the site.

TheStephil Posts: 858 Member
Hello, a little bit about myself. My name is Stephanie and I'm 20 (21 in August) female. I work in an office behind a desk most of the day and during the fall and spring I spend a few hours a night either sitting at a desk at school or at home working on homework. My entire family is overweight, three have had gastric bypass surgery and they've all gained most of the weight back. Being overweight is something I fear because I love being active and I saw how being overweight limited my mom with my brothers and I.

I want to lose a total of 20 pounds and keep myself active by going to the gym. I've already lost 6 pounds by using the MFP application on my iPhone.

I lose motivation easily and I'd like to chat with other people that are trying to lose weight as well to keep myself motivated. My friends and family are getting sick of me talking about it so I'm hoping to find some members here to partner with.


  • samatalma
    samatalma Posts: 197
    Hello and welcome! :)
  • iamMaLisa
    iamMaLisa Posts: 278 Member
    welcome! good luck and you can add me, i will send motivation your way
  • LaTara88
    LaTara88 Posts: 14
    welcome, you can add me too, i have learned to be self motivating and you can read my latest blog, hopefully that will encourage you. or find other stories on here that are encouraging. there are a bunch! =) good luck!
  • seniorfaye
    seniorfaye Posts: 295 Member
    That's the good thing about this site. Everyone is so encouraging.. My MFP friends have encouraged me when my friends here at home barely talk about my losing weight. I've been here since Jan. and believe me if I hadn't had the support and encouragement I would never have made it to my goal. I would have quit probably a month afterward. I have faith that I will stay here and maintain. and not worry about getting rid of my older bigger clothes. Hey, I have a granddaughter almost your age, but send me a request if you would like and I'll try to help you like they have me....Faye
  • tina1005
    tina1005 Posts: 3
    Hi Stephanie! I'm Tina, and I'm new here also. Fortunately, my daughter and I are losing weight together, so I have a good support system here at home. I know how much easier it is to do with help! I'm 41 and my daughter is 17. We would be happy to help support you in your weight loss! I'm a RN, and fairly active, but I want to lose about 30 more pounds.
  • TheStephil
    TheStephil Posts: 858 Member
    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. =)