NSV!!!! 30DS related

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I finally started the 30 Day Shred last week after getting bored with my current workout routine & after injuring my shoulder and being able to lift weights at the gym (my favorite day of the week). (Side note: If you pop your neck, STOP! I've been popping my neck for about 10 years - granted, I was doing it 5-10 times a day, but still. I have phase 1 degeneration in my bottom 2 neck bones which is causing me allll kinds of problems and reversing it is painful, so please stop if you pop your neck. It's not worth it. Let a chiropractor pop it for you the right way).

I'm expecting big results so I'm trying to eat very clean (though I've failed a few times - this weekend, WHOOPS!) and after this, I'm going to alternate TaeBo, Pilates & Yoga as well as running. Well, today I started Level 2. My plan is to do 1 week of level 1 (done), 1 week of level 2, 1 week of level 3, and then 1 week of all three levels. I figured I'd take pics every week just to see if there's a difference. The only thing I saw in my pictures tonight... I have ab definition again!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!

Day one


Also, another NSV... since hurting my shoulder, I haven't been able to put a lot of pressure on it. Today, I did 3 regular pushups (after only being able to do girly ones in Level 1) and it was ROUGH but I did it.


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