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Tiggermummy Posts: 312 Member
I set out to walk a route tonight most of which I walked Monday but I started earlier so wanted to make it longer,

result I have just walked my first 10K as training in 1 hour 25 minutes, approx 5mph! and I managed to get the graph of speed to stay fairly consistant so almost a flat line.

This is on top of seeing a very good friend at the weekend ( like a brother) and him commenting on me being half the person I was
and that when he puts his arms around me to give me a hug theres nothing there!

So think my target this weekend will be 12-16K - if I get time to do one, I am working my way up to a 21K half marathon at the begining of October.


  • Amy_B
    Amy_B Posts: 2,323 Member
  • Leigh_D
    Leigh_D Posts: 356 Member
    That is some FAST walking! Good job!

    If you are interested in turning that to running, start by adding just 30 seconds every two minutes.
    Take a look at the advice from Jeff Galloway:
  • flausa
    flausa Posts: 534 Member
    Well done! I have every confidence that you can do it. You have been very consistent with your walking and training. Really proud of your success so far and can't wait to hear how the rest of your training for Shine goes!
  • TheGoktor
    TheGoktor Posts: 1,138 Member
    That's great news, well done! I bet you're feeling so proud now! :smile:
  • helenium
    helenium Posts: 546 Member
    I'm impressed by your walking speed. I usually run at that speed and complete 10K in 1 hr 18 mins. WOW! You should be proud!
  • BerryH
    BerryH Posts: 4,698 Member
    Excellent walking! I'm another one who runs not much faster than that!
  • Tiggermummy
    Tiggermummy Posts: 312 Member
    Thank you

    I have short legs so I have always needed to walk quite fast to keep up with everyone else
    and because of having a very large bust running usually makes me the epicentre of an earthquake!
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