1/2 way there... hopefully w/ pics

Sooznine Posts: 29 Member
So i finally decided i was tired of being large.... actually, extra-large....actually, i was starting to grow out of extra-large and i decided i wasn't going any further. I dug in my heels and decided to go back. See, before i got married i really intended to lose about 10lbs. But, i didn't. Then i got pregnant... i ended up gaining 10lbs after my son was born. Then, i got pregnant again. Added about 10 more after my daughter. Then, i think i just gave up and spent more time paying attention to everyone else and not me. Added 15 more.... Then there was that last 1lb that put me over the edge. So, i decided to try MFP, and i joined a group of online friends that were doing the 30day shred. I did all 30 days. I started jogging with C25K. I was actually doing this and the scale keeps dropping. I am still amazed every day how "easy" this is... But i am not done... only about 1/2 way there. I am back to pre-daughter weight and will be considered in the "normal" range of BMI very soon.... I am just so happy this is working. I look at the success stories posted here just about every day when i need a good kick in the pants to exercise... you've been very motivating! So here's mine :) ...if i can do this right!




  • appluvmii
    appluvmii Posts: 4
    Awesome...such an inspiration, thanks for sharing!:smile:
  • Nikstergirl
    Nikstergirl Posts: 1,549 Member
    Yay for you! You look great and I'll bet you have lots more energy to play with those kiddo's!!!!
  • MissMegan3119
    You look awesome! Congrats!
  • chollylops
    chollylops Posts: 149 Member
    Well done - you are doing great and looking fantastic! I could have written some of your story - especially the part about looking after everyone else but yourself! So easy to do when you have a family. Keep up the good work and hope you get to your goal some time soon x
  • KourtneyP83
    KourtneyP83 Posts: 319
    amazing difference - looking good!
  • spgabby86
    spgabby86 Posts: 323 Member
    WTG...You look GREAT...keep up the good work..I wish it wasn't so HOT outside, I'd try doing the C25K...but it's way too hot...not a big morning person...and really not motivated in the evenings by the time it decides to cool down...but may try this come the fall (Sept 2011)
  • lily1972
    lily1972 Posts: 375 Member
    You look amazing!! Very impressive! :flowerforyou: :bigsmile:
  • Sooznine
    Sooznine Posts: 29 Member
    thanks everyone! that is my first time posting pictures. they make me both happy to see (because of the change), but also unhappy because that WAS me. for quite a while....
  • DestinyDarbi
    DestinyDarbi Posts: 260 Member
    You look fantastic!!!!
  • Angela_MA
    Angela_MA Posts: 260
    WTG and keep it up!! The hard work is showing!
  • cjwalker81
    cjwalker81 Posts: 189 Member
    Awesome results!!! Keep up the hard work!!
  • Yooperm35
    Yooperm35 Posts: 787 Member
    great job! You look younger :)
  • lambchop1042
    lambchop1042 Posts: 102 Member
    Awesome story, thanks for sharing your success! I can see you've also gained some confidence in the after shots you're holding you head up a little higher :-)
  • BrandNewMia
    BrandNewMia Posts: 461
    Beautiful! The clothes don't even look the same, at all!!! You've done a really great job, way to go :flowerforyou:
  • hcn74
    hcn74 Posts: 214
    Wow. That shirt just hangs on you now!
  • sflohr
    sflohr Posts: 20 Member
    HELLO KITTY! You look Purrfect! congratulations:)
  • bmw4deb
    bmw4deb Posts: 1,324 Member
    Great job!!!1 you look 20 yrs younger in the red top pics :drinker:
  • kirstiey
    kirstiey Posts: 243
    Blimey, it is so funny, you are my figure doppleganger (sp)!!! What weight were you before and after and what is your hight? You look soooo much better now. Many Congrats!
  • Sooznine
    Sooznine Posts: 29 Member
    I started MFP at 191.
    I'm currently at 165.
    My goal is 145.
    I'm roughly 5'8"

  • Tangerine302
    Tangerine302 Posts: 1,509 Member
    Wow! Look at you! Congratulations! :)
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