NSV for me!!

AmeChops Posts: 744 Member
OK, I went clothes shopping today in the past the majority of these trips ended with me in tears :-(( Today, however, I bought myself a size 12 vest, size 14 cardigan and a pair of size 16 trousers and I actually looked at myself in the changing room mirror and smiled :-D

I celebrated by buying a pair of shoes lol!!

Edit: the last pair of trousers I bought were a size 20


  • DawnWendalynn1973
    DawnWendalynn1973 Posts: 97 Member
    WTG!!! Those are the SV that keep us going and see that what we are doing is working....and worth keeping it up.
  • AmeChops
    AmeChops Posts: 744 Member
    Thank you Wendalynn :-))
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