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Valentine's Day Fitness Challenge Check-In January 4

JulieB21JulieB21 Posts: 492Member Posts: 492Member
:heart: Did my 30 minute Hip Hop Abs & 20 minute Pilates & off to grocery shop:heart:

Have a wonderful day all!


  • JulieB21JulieB21 Posts: 492Member Posts: 492Member
    :heart: Did my 30 minute Hip Hop Abs & 20 minute Pilates & off to grocery shop:heart:

    Have a wonderful day all!
  • icandoiticandoit Posts: 4,163Member Member Posts: 4,163Member Member
    I did 1 hour treadmill at home and will go to the gym tonight for weights.
  • lotusfromthemudlotusfromthemud Posts: 5,396Member Member Posts: 5,396Member Member

    Sick, frustrated and giving myself the day off. Did manage yoga yesterday (hey, Mary. . . I did a kundalini stretching dvd. . . so no inversions, OK? thanks for the concern. :wink: )

    I'm going to go easy between now and Monday, when my teaching schedule swings back into hardcore gear. Sometimes the body has to win over the stubborn, stubborn brain.

    Hey, on the upside, I lost a pound! If that's a "real" pound, only four more to go to my dream goal weight/BMI.:bigsmile:

    Do an extra mile for me, ladies!:flowerforyou:
  • NTBoardNTBoard Posts: 363Member Member Posts: 363Member Member
    Good morning. I hope that everyone is doing well and has some BIG plans for the weekend! I ended up missing out on my hubby's Christmas party but a larger part of their organization is having a formal party at the Denver Mueseum of Nature & Science tomorrow night and I went ahead and went 'sexy' instead of 'frumpy' with my dress. Hope I can get a nice picture to share with you!

    And, it's official. Today was my weigh-in day and I ended up gaining SIX pounds over the last 2 weeks. I know I ate POORLY and didn't get in any real exercise but I'm so disappointed in myself. :cry: Now I know that the next time I take a vacation I need to keep some sort of control over at least one of those areas. Back in the saddle and increased exercise for me!

    Last night I rode my bike for 36 minutes at a moderate pace. I will keep up with the 10% time addition (as a minimum) on my riding for the rest of this month and then add 10% more (up to 40 min) for February. Hopefully I can get those added 6 lbs off here in the next few weeks and then keep on moving towards my first big goal of half way to my goal weight.

    +++POSITIVE THOUGHTS+++!!! :flowerforyou:

    ps (((viviakay))) Thinking about you. Feel better soon!
  • yoginimaryyoginimary Posts: 6,574Member Member Posts: 6,574Member Member
    70 minutes of aerobics - includes: 30 minute Tae Bo crunch, which I couldn't make it through as Billy Banks was driving me nutso -- he just stood there! the camera is on him, and he doesn't do anything, except show off now and then. I like Tae Bo, but this one sucked. Also did a 40 minute interval video by Kathy Smith that was much better
    20 minute walk in the morning

    I keep going over my calories (yes, even after 90 minutes of exercise). It's hard to get back in the groove. Even with the veggie dinner (pictured left) I had last night.

    Good luck with the biking Nicole.
  • kjllosekjllose Posts: 948Member Member Posts: 948Member Member
    Trucked around the stores today for 2 hours. Had my haircut, so I should lose an oz or two for that, lol. Still have to drive the school bus and tonight is our belly dancing cd. Neither me or my daughter can get the exercise done before we go to work, we'd just be late. So we do one in the evening. Not as good as a morning exercise but at this time of the year I will take what I can get. I feel for you Mary, I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things too. Vivia, you take care, we all want you feeling better soon luv, NT sometimes I wish I had a bike, but all I have is a ball, but at least I can sit on the ball, sometimes. Most of the time I just fall off.:blushing: . Icandoit, my daughter is my gym. She is also my drill sargeant most days. JulieB21 I'm with you, lets shop till we drop. Actually I was kinda dragging at 1 1/2 hours this morning.:laugh: Have a great weekend everyone.
  • kckat96kckat96 Posts: 72Member Posts: 72Member
  • mechanicmommechanicmom Posts: 5,411Member Member Posts: 5,411Member Member
    I did thirty minutes of Taebo this morning, and then I met people for lunch at the mall. I thought we were going to walk around afterwards but they wanted to go home. So now I need to go rake the yard to make up for not walking in the mall and to burn off what I had for lunch!
  • Anna_BananaAnna_Banana Posts: 2,958Member Member Posts: 2,958Member Member
    I did a 40 minute work out with Denise Austin last night (Targeting your Female Fat Zones). Man my abs hurt today.

    I took a 15 min walk on my lunch today.

  • vicky1vicky1 Posts: 236Member Posts: 236Member
    25 mins total body workout dvd
    35 mins elliptical trainer and
    walked the dogs for 45 mins..

    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  • ariannedavisariannedavis Posts: 520Member Member Posts: 520Member Member
    60 min on gazelle (counting a mile for vivakay! :wink: ) I'm going to the Dr. on Monday to finally kick my crud too!!

    Everyone get ready to get on track on Monday! One week down; we can do this together! :flowerforyou:
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