Best weight and shape since before college

I joined MFP not because I wanted to loose weight but to carefully maintain weight.
99% of my weight was lost before I joined MFP and started around Memorial Day of 2010 when my Wife and I signed up at the local gym (locally owned and operated for over ten years. We didn't like national gyms since they tend to either go through owners quickly, poorly maintained or shut down shortly after they have your money).
There was no particular goal weight wise when we joined the gym, just to take better care of myself and see what happens.
I was 232lbs when I joined and today I am 146lbs. I haven't been that weight since I started college 30 years ago.
MFP for me has been fantastic as I realized I wasn't eating enough for the amount I was exercising. So over the time period I've been on MFP I have managed to modify my food intake, what foods I eat and my exercise routine to stabilize my weight.
I now have a lot more energy now than a year ago. I also have more choices in clothes too and feel happy that I can now go to the Young Men's section.
A very supportive wife also helped too as I feel that those around you help if given the right encouraging words and actions.


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