I too have started

offitgoes Posts: 755 Member
I have no problem exercising - it is controlling what I eat! I am hoping with this program I can really get a grip on the eating. I want to lose about 50 lbs.


  • _Corinne_
    _Corinne_ Posts: 188 Member
    Welcome! I, too, would like to lose 50! Best of luck!
  • divey522
    divey522 Posts: 3 Member
    I too have that problem, love eating, especially the stuff that taste great but is so unhealthy for us. I also would love to lose 50 lbs but my goal for now is 20 by my son's wedding on Nov. 4th of this year. I am trying to give up 1 unhealthy food in exchange for 1 healthy food. I gave up pop for now and am more water instead. Next is my coffee, because of the caffeine and sugar..... Hope you do great:smile: