Lower Sugar Yogurt-HELP

I started eating 1 cup of Light and Fit yogurt with granola and a banana for breakfast. It is delicious. BUT, the yogurt has SO much sugar in it. I do not like plain yogurt.

Is there a better option out there?


  • astovey
    astovey Posts: 578 Member
    I don't eat yogurt all that much anymore because of it, but I do like Fiber One yogurt. 50 Cals, 4g of sugar and 5g of fiber!

    The granola prob doesnt help with the sugar...but I like the crunch too lol
  • LovingMe19
    LovingMe19 Posts: 380 Member
    I eat CARBmaster yogurt that I get from my local Kingsoopers. A lot lower in sugar. I have a blackberry one right now that has 3g's of sugar.
  • reactor25
    reactor25 Posts: 146 Member
    I eat Chobani greek yogurt and I like the pomegranate or black cherry, but I had the same problem with sugar. I don't like plain yogurt either, but I started mixing one of my fruit flavored yogurts with one plain and I would split it in half for two servings. It was still plenty sweet!
  • dancingdeer
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    I like to have greek yogurt - the Fage 0%, and sprinkle some cinnamon on it with a few drops of Vanilla flavored liquid Stevia (for sweetness). Sometimes it takes a while to adjust your taste buds to something "not" sweet. I like the Stevia because it is all natural - sometimes I don't even use it. You can also jazz up the yogurt with fresh berries.
  • anna_lisa
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    Some greek youguart have less sugar. this also may sound werid but sometimes when you find items in the baby section, alot healthier because many are organic and natural. I have bought yoguart for my baby that is good and organic, natural and contains pirmarily limited in sugar
  • sbwood888
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    Kroger CarbMaster yogurt has 3 grams sugar.
  • Tayla_Grant
    Tayla_Grant Posts: 119 Member
    chobani greek plain yogurt and add a tsp of honey to it... ddelishhh!!
  • cmshaffer
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    I like chobani greek yogurt because it has less sugar and more protein - so I stay full longer. I breakup and add about 4 walnuts halves - yum :-). My favorite flavors are pineapple and mango.
  • doughnutwretch
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    If you can find Kroger where you live, the Kroger Carbmasters have 3g of sugar and are really good! Plus the carbs are low and they have 8g of protein. And at only 60 calories, they are the powerhouse of yogurt!
  • tiggersstar
    tiggersstar Posts: 193 Member
    i use the activia fat free vanilla ones, they are nice.

    Activia - Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt Cdn., 100 g
    Calories Carbs Fat Protein Iron Sugar
    70 13 0 5 2 12

  • dreanance
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    I didn't like plain at first either. I started with okios fruit, then switched to plain with fresh fruit and stevia, now I only have the fruit in it and it's awesome. It did take some time though. And the greek yogurt made all the difference.
  • mosneakers
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    I like Target's Archer Farms yogurt. I usually get the fat free versions and they have about 9g of sugar and are so good! I can't even eat the ones with higher sugar anymore.
  • yankeefamily05
    I like Target's Archer Farms yogurt. I usually get the fat free versions and they have about 9g of sugar and are so good! I can't even eat the ones with higher sugar anymore.

    I will check it out.
  • yankeefamily05
    We don't have Kroger in PA. But next time im at the store I will look at all of the yogurt.

    For the amount of granola I use its only 3g of sugar, the yogurt has 11g!!!!
  • bodyrocks365
    I cut out yogurt in favor of cottage cheese, there is far less sugar. If you like it go for it!
  • bprague
    bprague Posts: 564 Member
    I make my own yogurt flavors with plain yogurt. This way you control the sugar and you can have fresh summer berries in your yogurt.