5 Habits Holding you back

Saw this article and it's a pretty good read

I'm really interested in #3:

Fatal Flaw #3: You binge when your goal weight is within sight.

You've earned some quality just-us girls time with your old pals Little Debbie, Mrs. Fields, and Sara Lee.

The ugly truth: You may not have been prepared for the male attention your new body brings, which can make you feel vulnerable. Or maybe your friends seem jealous of your success, and you're uncomfortable with their scrutiny. Getting down to a healthy weight also means maintaining it, which is a tough task unto itself. Plus, when things don't go your way -- you get dumped or you don't get the job you went after -- you can't use your "It's because I'm fat" excuse. "Life often feels simpler without these issues, and it's easier to eat a whole bag of potato chips and retreat to your fatter, safer world," explains Connie Tyne, executive director of the Cooper Wellness Program in Dallas.

The fix: See yourself the way others do. It's hard to stop thinking of yourself as overweight even after the pounds are gone. But improving your self-image can help ease the emotional transition into smaller sizes, says Linda Spangle, RN, author of 100 Days of Weight Loss. "Enroll in a public-speaking class to build self-esteem and increase your comfort level around people." You can also get a boost by making a list of your greatest attributes, which is what most people notice anyway. "Describe what you're like at your best," Spangle suggests. "Maybe you're energetic or you smile a lot or regale your friends with funny stories. Thinking in terms of confidence and strength makes you act in terms of confidence and strength."

So is anyone having this similar problem when they are so close to Goal Weight?


  • Allyc804
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    Nice article! Thanks for sharing!
  • clioandboy
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    My goal is 122, in december I was 125 and felt fantastic..... lol! I'm now 139.... I think I can relate, I dont know what it is with me - I do self sabotage and not only on weight loss I'm a great starter, creator, motivator but I am a rubbish completer and sticker......hmmmm my work continues, gonna check out the rest of your article, thanks for posting :)
  • mymelody_78
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    Amazing article! My friend just shared it with me and I tend to do all of those things!
  • mandeiko
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    I used to procrastinate my workouts. Ever since I started setting exact times to do them every day... I have achieved so much more!! :) Thanks for sharing!