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Calories in Raw Coconut (2000!!!!??)

swinginchandraswinginchandra Posts: 426Member Posts: 426Member
So I bought a coconut at the grocery store, and ate it for breakfast this morning. I'm talking about the kind with the dark, wood-esque exterior that you have to crack open with hammer, or chuck at the pavement. This is a mature coconut, not the "baby" coconuts where the meat is still gooey, and you have to peel all the fibrous stuff back.

So I'm trying to figure out how to even ballpark the calories from it. Most of the calorie information I can find is for juice pressed from the baby coconut meat, or shredded coconut. One source said a whole coconut has about 2000 calories, but I can hardly believe that to be the case. The meat was very dry, if I shredded it, I doubt it would be more than .5 cup, which puts it closer to 100 calories.

however, according to this website, the meat of one mature coconut shredded makes 3 - 4 cups... so at 280 calories /cup, that's around 1000 calories... add another hundred from the juice... Jeepers! My day is shot!

I think the coconut water is the easiest thing to judge, although, again, most coconut water numbers are based off of the fresh young coconuts.

Any ideas? Has anyone looked into this? I certainly don't feel like I ate my entire calorie alotment for breakfast, that's just hard to believe that one little inoccuous coconut could have more calories than half a pizza?


  • vnvdvcivnvdvci Posts: 16Member Posts: 16Member
    Really? There's no entry on this site for coconut meat? Odd...

    I'd estimate 150-250 cals for a half cup. I saw it one time on a package (still fresh, not dried coconut) and I remember the numbers went something like that.
  • suzi67suzi67 Posts: 162Member Member Posts: 162Member Member
    Nuts of any kind are very calorie dense, so the info could be correct.
  • AmyC1979AmyC1979 Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    This is what I found:
    Mature Coconut: The raw grated meat of a mature coconut has 283 calories and 2.7 grams of protein for 1 cup. For the carb counters, that 1 cup contains 12.2 grams of carbohydrates. The sodium content is low at 16 mg. Coconut is a high fiber food that delivers 7.2 grams for 1 cup of freshly grated meat.

    I got it from this site:
  • 16mixingbowls16mixingbowls Posts: 206Member Member Posts: 206Member Member
    Well, I really don't know, but the coconut products I DO eat seem to be high in fat. I buy coconut milk in the half gallon to use in my cereal, and it had 5 grams of fat per serving. This is all saturated fat. BUT according to the container the milk comes in, this of a good type of fat high in ALAs. Those are the same good for you fat in fish oil.

    Also, the canned coconut milk I use in curries and thai food is also really high in fat, so I'm thinking a coconut raw must also be high in fat. Fat has 9 calories per gram while carbs have 4, so foods higher in fat can also have a higher calorie density.

    The plain/shredded coconut I mix in yogurt is also high in fat, but also high in FIBER!! This means that some of the calories wil be carried right on out of your system:)

    All of this said, the calorie estimates might be close, but also unless you measured the weight of the part you ate, it's really a total estimate. Maybe the 2000 is if you scrape ALL of the coconut meat off, which you might not have done.

    All in all, if you enjoyed the coconut breakfast, don't worry about it too much for the day; consider it a learning opportunity.
  • Robyn1733Robyn1733 Posts: 58Member Posts: 58Member
  • smrtcarsmrtcar Posts: 104Member Member Posts: 104Member Member
  • VanessaV1974VanessaV1974 Posts: 4Member Posts: 4Member
    Coconut unfortunately is high in calories like any nut. You can put in raw coconut in the MFP search and it will tell you the calories. It is best to weigh it though. 100grams is 350Kcal, so beware if having too much of it.
  • atomdracoatomdraco Posts: 1,083Member Member Posts: 1,083Member Member

    The site show you the breakdown of the analysis, and it's because the fat in coconuts. But remember, the coconut fat is good fat. Eat a piece (2" x 2" x 1/2") (45.0 g), it's only 159 calories. I won't suggest to eat the entire thing.

    I used to eat coconuts like that when I was a kid, but it's not that easy to chew, so I can never eat too much at a time anyway.
  • wjewellwjewell Posts: 282Member Member Posts: 282Member Member
    So what I've found is it's basically 238 calories per cup.. so i think the reason you're seeing "shredded" is because that's the easiest way to measure it by the cup? also try this website.. it shows how many calories per piece and a piece is like 2"X2" or something like that. hope this helps : ) just eat normally the rest of the day.. It's a coconut, not a pizza : ) You won't gain 5 lbs from eating it sweetie : )
  • swinginchandraswinginchandra Posts: 426Member Posts: 426Member
    hmm... well that's a bummer! I guess I'll be more careful next time I eat coconut. I certainly am not going to freak out or starve myself for the rest of the day... it's just a good thing to be wary of!
  • shimmergalshimmergal Posts: 383Member Member Posts: 383Member Member
    I wish I read the post before I ate the coconut. It costed me too much on the calories. YUCK! will never consume more than 1 inch piece.
  • bauhausfraubauhausfrau Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    I'm eating a little dish of coconut meat right now. I have a small bowl of chunks, like a small soup bowl, or a large mug. It couldn't be more than a small coconut. It weighs .61 lbs., which means it's approximately 1,000 calories. It is just a giant nut, even though I often think of it like a fruit, and if I ate a mug full of any other kind of nut it would be similar in calories. I think I'll put away what I have left for another day.
  • crazybookwormcrazybookworm Posts: 779Member Member Posts: 779Member Member
    I got here that about 1 medium sized coconut has 1,400 calories and 132 grams of fat.

  • HollyKarlsenHollyKarlsen Posts: 21Member Member Posts: 21Member Member
    Have you thought about shredding your own coconut? If you go to eBay and type in "coconut shredder" you'll see one that attaches to the edge of a table or counter for around $25. I have one and it is the bomb! (Unfortunately I paid $60 for mine, but it was still worth it, because I've been using it regularly for 3 years now.) Much safer than trying to hack the meat out with a knife. I usually do 2 coconuts at a time. I strain and freeze the water in ice cube trays for smoothies and then freeze the shredded meat also to add to fruit salads. I usually add about 11 grams of it to my fruit salad, which is 31 calories. You have to let it sit out for about 10 minutes or so before you try to get it out because it freezes together in a lump. I have found that a corkscrew works well for drilling the hole and then I just use a hammer to crack it open after draining the water out.
  • SezxyStefSezxyStef Posts: 15,236Member Member Posts: 15,236Member Member
    I prefer the USDA website or

    The site above said 100g has 354calories lots of fat and very little protien..
  • cassondramcallistercassondramcallister Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I just weighed the dry meat proceeds from four coconuts, not the coconut water. They averaged 10.5 Oz per coconut. At 130 calories per ounce that means each coconut should be1365 calories.
  • Cinner29Cinner29 Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
    I can't imagine eating an entire coconut in one sitting. I've always eaten a bit and put the rest in the fridge. They last me days. Do coconuts come in different sizes, and I've only had giant ones?
  • MikePfirrmanMikePfirrman Posts: 1,185Member Member Posts: 1,185Member Member
    Just Coconuts from Trader Joes. It's just frozen Coconut chunks, ready to eat. That's the only ingredient. Coconut chunks, precleaned and ready to eat. Amazing stuff and cheap. Plus, one g of fiber per piece. 7 pieces is 120 calories (and that's a LOT), 10g of carbs, 7 g of fiber and 2 g of protein. I blend it all the time in my smoothies. Coconut is amazing. Wonderful fiber.
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  • AudreyJDukeAudreyJDuke Posts: 1,011Member Member Posts: 1,011Member Member
    Wow, great info!
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