Low-Sodium Lunch Ideas

TubbsMcGee Posts: 1,058 Member
It's almost time for my lunch break...

I'm in desperate need of a trip to the grocery store, so I wasn't able to pack anything homemade today before I got to work.

The closest food stores to me within walking distance are the grocery store, pita place, pizza place and Subway.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'm reaaaaally trying to watch my sodium levels these days

I'm open to all ideas, except anything including red meat :)


  • ambie35
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    fresh fruit and veggies! Go to the grocery and buy a few things to put together. STAY AWAY from Subway,their sodium is insane!
  • lstnlondry
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    i agree, Subway is horrible! Maybe if there is a quick frozen meal with brown rice? Otherwise, fruits & veggies I guess. I don't know about the market salads w/minimal cheese & meats though.
  • jrueckert
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    Everything at subway isn't high in sodium. Get a veggie salad...yummo. Choose your dressing wisely. But fruits and veggies are good - grocery stores also have low sodium soups which are good on calories too. Good luck!
  • shanolap
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    After dabbling in the Primal/Paleo diet where grains are not acceptable I have noticed I am always low in my sodium totals. (I used to go over grossly daily!) But at Subway, you can get any sandwich made into a salad. Or maybe the pizza place has a salad bar. You need some protein, so maybe the grocery store has a deli and you can get some rottissere chicken to put on a salad.

    Good luck, let us know how you did.
  • mimi2kk
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    1% milkfat cottage cheese with no salt added if you can find it. Safeway carries it under the Lucerne label. Other stores may have it as well. Add it to the fruits/veggies for a good protein and calcium boost.
  • jmarco21
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    I do a serving of Healthy Choice lunch meat (5 or 6 slices), on Sara Lee Honey Wheat with a touch of mustard and two servings of fruit and water (or Diet Coke, or unsweetened Ice Tea). I'm not exact on the sodium count on it but it's probably 500ish which isn't terrible especially if you're watching the NA at ever meal.
  • TubbsMcGee
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    Yes, I figured the sodium would be through the roof at Subway (it's pretty bad at the pita place, too---900mg for a freaking falafel pita!)

    The pizza place only really has pizza...LOL

    Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

    Hopefully I make up my mind within the next half hour. Will let you know how it went!
  • TubbsMcGee
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    Found a fresh-made Muskoka salad in the deli (strawberries, walnuts, blueberries, field greens, skinless/boneless chicken breast) and added raspberry vinaigrette dressing to it. Had a hard boiled egg on the side, and a bowl of organic Greek fat free vanilla yogourt

    Delicious! And only 500mg of sodium for a nutritious feast (the dressing and chicken is what makes it high)

    Thank you so very much for all of your suggestions!!!