Feeling so Happy :)

LisaZaugg1976 Posts: 1,144 Member
Went to the gym tonight and wanted to see my stats :)
Age 34
I weigh 113.8
20% body fat
27 inch chest
9 inch bicep
25.5 waist :)
34.5 hips always been such hard area for me with having 2 kiddos lol
20.5 thigh
13 inch calf

I am very happy with where I am still like to tone more and love to run 5 k and work towards half marathon


  • spacecase76
    spacecase76 Posts: 673 Member
    great job!

    Mind if I ask how tall you are?
  • LisaZaugg1976
    LisaZaugg1976 Posts: 1,144 Member
    I am 5 foot 3
  • fastbelly
    fastbelly Posts: 727 Member
    If you'd like to start running I'd recommend the C25K program (google it and you'll find loads about it).

    I'm currently on week 4 and it is working great so far.

    Also for toning the P90x program may be a good option depending on your current fitness level.

    Good Luck! :)
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