love/like/hate - actor/actress game



  • jrhstarlight
    jrhstarlight Posts: 867 Member
    Forest Whitaker

    Loved: Panic Room, Body Snatchers, Platoon, Vision Quest, fast Times at Ridgemont High
    Liked: Experiment, Phone Booth, Species
    Hated: Street Kings, Article 99

    William Baldwin
  • d0gma
    d0gma Posts: 3,966 Member
    William Baldwin

    Loved: Flatliners
    Liked: Sliver, Bulworth, Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    Hated: None

    Stephen Baldwin
  • d0gma
    d0gma Posts: 3,966 Member
    I'll try to revive this...

    Stephen Baldwin

    Loved: The Usual Suspects
    Liked: Threesome, Half Baked
    Hated: Nothing

    Next: Tom Cruise
  • slkehl
    slkehl Posts: 3,801 Member
    Tom Cruise-
    Love: A Few Good Men
    Like: Valkyrie
    Hate: Jerry Maguire

    Next: Meryl Streep