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The UGLY Truth-Coming clean with confession and pic!

When I chose my profile pic some time ago, i tried to choose one that was of a" thinner me". Today I changed it again to get one of a "prettier me". I then came to the realization that both pics were of me some time ago and not who the "real me" REALLY is!

Here's the confession: I have not been honest with myself or with my MFP friends. I have omitted really bad stuff that I have eaten (and drank) from my journals recently, but if you've seen my ticker in the last 2 weeks it has shown a decrease in weight lost from 18 to a measly 11. I have gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks!

I was doing so well, and even had a couple of NSV's lately, but have just really been in a funk, so I am coming clean, unveiling what I REALLY look like and will stop omitting things from my diary! One of my MFP friends bethdigesu has inspired me to do this - Thank you Beth!

I am ready to really do this, so here it is! (don't mind the piles of laundry in the picture! lol)


  • kfitz10103
    kfitz10103 Posts: 354
    Well good for you! I feel more likely to stay on track when I am accountable to the people on here. I think if you satrt logging everything you will find you feel more guilty about eating bad stuff than if you didn't log it. That takes so much strength to make a commitment and we are all here rooting for you!
  • LoveMy3Boys
    LoveMy3Boys Posts: 562 Member
    It's easy to lie to yourself on here. But, I try to think about it as the numbers don't matter if they are fake in the journal because our bodies know what we are really consuming.. Its awesome you are facing what you are doing! Start being honest. Success will only be achieved if you report the good, bad and the ugly! Keep it in mind and be accountable for yourself, you are the only one who can! :)
  • bayles1
    bayles1 Posts: 408 Member
    Your a brave lady.I wish you all the best for the future.
    Good Luck....:smile:
  • Frannswaz
    Frannswaz Posts: 172 Member
    Good for you...Confession is good for the've kept us all in check.
    add me if you to help....:smile:
  • Alissa_Sal
    Alissa_Sal Posts: 141
    Good for you for being honest and holding yourself accountable. When you don't acknowlege the real truth, you aren't cheating us, you are ultimately cheating yourself.
  • aalanclose
    aalanclose Posts: 125 Member
    Well done on getting back on track. It's so easy to let things slide when you have a bit of a down turn.
  • msmayor
    msmayor Posts: 362 Member
    Well not for anything you just inspired me to take some pics of myself bc I haven't yet had the oppurtunity - yeah I have but I just didn't want to and this evening I will take pics not sure if I'll post them but I do need a reminder of the before and after......

    Thanks for your braveness and honesty!!!

    Time to jump back on the wagon and good luck reaching your goals!!!
  • JFamilo
    JFamilo Posts: 22 Member
    I did the same thing with my profile pic. I HATE having my picture taken so there aren't many of me anyways and I look fat in all of them. This one I had taken to show a friend a new haircut and it took several tries to get it with my webcam with the computer sitting slightly higher than my face... ugh it was horrible to try to get one that didn't make me look old, pudgy, and fat.

    Thank you for your courage and honesty... I should change mine too!