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Hurts sooooo good!

Kagard11 Posts: 396 Member
So, yesterday was my first day with kettle bells. I started with a 10 pound weight and 25 minutes. WOW!!!!! I woke up this morning and boy, do I hurt! But..... It hurts soooo good! I can't wait to do them today again!!!!!! Isn't life grand?????!!!


  • tazhinshaw
    tazhinshaw Posts: 297 Member
    oh dang you go girl!
  • amyjthomas
    amyjthomas Posts: 35
    Good for you. No pain no gain. Just remember to fuel those muscle. Water, Water, Water and remember not to over do it! Proud of you.
  • poisongirl6485
    poisongirl6485 Posts: 1,487 Member
    I hurt too!!! First day of working out in a while was yesterday, and ouchies!
  • Kagard11
    Kagard11 Posts: 396 Member
    Tried to do a repeat of yesterday's workout and my Body was like, "ah, no you don't!" I guess I need to let my thighs recover a bit more!