jessilee119 Posts: 444 Member
So, I went clothes shopping almost 2 months ago. I had to buy a new wardrobe because I didn't have a lot of flattering summer clothes and my hubby was tired of seeing me in t-shirts and button ups that were way too big. I bought several tops but only one pair of jeans because tops can still look okay even if they are a little bigger, but pants when baggy look funny. Before this shopping trip, 95% of what I bought had to come from the womens section. This time, 0% came from the womens section because everything was too big!! I had to buy XL's in the misses section and there were even 2 tops that I had to get L's cause the XL's were too big. I was able to get a size 16 misses jeans (before I was a size 14-16 womens.

As if that wasn't enough of a NSV, the other day I was able to pull my "new" jeans off without unbuttoning them!!! While this makes me really happy, it's also sad cause I just bought these! They look as baggy on me as the womens jeans that I was replacing. I think I need to invest in a belt. :laugh:


  • JeffGDDG
    JeffGDDG Posts: 252 Member
    I think its so cool when mine come off without unbuttoning. :-) Way to go!
  • miovlb6
    miovlb6 Posts: 339 Member
    Yay...congrats! Clothing NSVs are so satisfying! But I know what you mean about the happy/sad feeling. I went to a party yesterday and had to dig into the skinny part of my closet to find a dress to wear. While I was super-happy about the "new-old" clothes that fit me again, I was a little disappointed to see that there are many things in my closet which are now too big. Some time between January and July, I just passed on by those dresses without ever getting a chance to wear them again. :ohwell: But it's a good problem to have, I guess!
  • bklyngirl71
    bklyngirl71 Posts: 381 Member
    congrats!!! you'll get more nsv like that
  • lindak71
    lindak71 Posts: 92 Member
    It is the best feeling when you can shop in ANY store! I'm not limited to what is offered in the plus size stores anymore! I started at my highest weight ever in a 22W jeans, 22-24W tops. In the last 2 weeks I went to Kohl's and Fashion Bug and I am in a size 8! I have NEVER been a size 8! I follow a blog and she highly recommends shopping at thrift stores, ESPECIALLY when you're dropping a size every couple of months. She photographs her finds at these shops and a lot of the stuff still has the original tags on them from stores like American Eagle and Aeropostale. You pay something like 10-20% of the original cost! Maybe you should check that out! GREAT JOB!!!
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